Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Her Smart Idea, Two For One

Well it's another day and I don't want to get up out of bed, but it hardly seems like I slept very long. Poppy has the camera again and he is going to try and get my picture. He just thinks he is!!

Well I finally made it out of bed and had some chocolate milk for breakfast and some of Grandmother's good fried bacon. I love it every weekend she will fry me bacon because she knows that I love it. Another thing that I like that she makes is cookies and cake icing. The icing is so smooth and just slides down your throat.

Well what are we going to do today? I know for one thing I will get Poppy to take me to McDonald's so I can get a Happy Meal and a toy and then play with my friends on the inside playground. If you haven't played on that playground you don't know what you have been missing all your life.

Daddy's cousin have always called Grandmother, Aunt Clearance because she is always looking for a bargain. She knows a good deal when she see's one. Buy one get one free, two for one, manager's special's, red tag, you name it she knows it.

Well on the way to McDonald's this morning while I was thinking and talking to Poppy about Grandmother and her savings I got this bright idea. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner. So I passed my idea to Poppy. Poppy I want a Happy Meal today with the Cheeseburger plain and chocolate milk and fries and you can have my yogurt and you can get a Happy Meal as well. You still get a sandwich and fries and a drink and yes it is less but it will help you lose weight. I was thinking that she was so thoughtful and wants to help me lose weight.

After getting the two girls Happy Meals and getting to our table and after the blessing, Chloe said look Poppy this way instead of one toy I get two. Pretty smart of me huh!!

She has just about finished her lunch and is getting to play with all of her McDonald friends. I wish that I had brought some ear plugs because with all of these kids its going to get loud.

After a few hours of playing she was tired and ready to go home. Shortly after arriving home mommy called and let us know that she was on her way. Soon she arrived and our weekend was gone but I know that Poppy and I had another great weekend.

Play Date With Poppy

This is the day that I've looked forward to all week. Well it's finally the weekend again and it time for me to turn Poppy back into a child again. When I do this we have so much fun and I have a grown up pal.

At my house my Mimi plays dolls with me and we have so much fun, but when I'm at Poppy's house we have just as much fun usually more because he makes everything an adventure. He may play dolls with me but it is different than playing dolls with Mimi. At home we have Barbie houses, cars, clothes, furniture if you name it we probably have it. Mimi, mommy and me all grew up with Barbies and that is why we have so many.

My Poppy and Grandmother had a son and they didn't have Barbie dolls, so I had to teach Poppy all about Barbie's. They are more of a grownup type doll instead of baby dolls that Grandmother grew up with. Now whenever I get in the mood to play baby dolls I can play with grandmother's dolls.

My dad had trucks and cars and football, basketball and baseball cards, Pokemon Cards. He had all of  the Ninga Turtles. He loved to play video games on the gameboy and on Sega but I don't care anything about that, so now you see why I had to teach Poppy about Barbies.

I am usually the Director because then I can tell him what kind of Party that we are going to have and he does all of the artwork and props. We have a big Party for the Theme of the Month. Like New Years, Valentine's Day, Shamrock etc..

We play outside and it was Poppy that showed me how to roll down the yard laying down. We play hiding seek, chase, freeze tag, Red Rover, Red Light, Green Light. We have so much fun together and he makes me feel so special.

Well this has been a fun Friday afternoon and tomorrow we will do it all over again and just wait and see what Poppy and will be doing.

Mother's Day Ladies

L.to R.: Violet Peterson, Sue Griffin and Esther Osenga

Most of our friends were out of town for a "Spring Special Meeting," in Tupelo so our meeting this morning was light in number. There were eight of of there and all stayed for lunch.

L, to R.: Jim Griffin, Sue Griffin and Esther Osenga

Mom and Pop enjoy the fellowship of the other ladies and all had a great lunch and an enjoyable visit afterwards.

Doing My Homework At Poppy's

During the week whenever Poppy picks me up I like to stop at Sonic first and get him to read me all of the names of the Slushes that they sell. Poppy makes it so much as he reads from the list adding names to the drinks as he reads, He has names like Blushing Cherry and Gushing Orange and Women Lemon, Gulping Grape, Red in the middle, green on top, makes your lips go flippity flop for Watermelon, just to name a few. I pick out my Slush and he orders it and then we are on our way home.

I like to get my homework done as soon as I get there so that I can play before my mommy picks me up. So I go to the kitchen table and get out my homework, and Poppy is right there to make sure I am doing it right.

As I write my spelling words Poppy spells out the letters as I write. Then as I right the next word he has me spell out the letters as I write. Then he checks my spelling words to make sure that I have done them correctly and that my penmanship is neat before we put them away in my notebook.

Grandmother just loves for Poppy to take my picture, but after a while it gets boring and Poppy says he can take boring pictures to. He is so funny sometimes, make that all the time, but hey, I wouldn't want it any other way.

When we start on my math homework, Poppy has me read aloud the instructions. We are doing word math problems in the first grade. Poppy laughs and said he didn't do word problems until he was in the third grade. I tell Poppy we do it in the first grade because we are smarter. ha ha ha!!

The first word math problem: Sue grew a flower that was a foot tall. And Tom grew a flower that was 11 inches tall. Whose flower was the tallest?________ How tall in inches was Sue's flower? ______

Poppy goes to find a foot ruler? What is a foot ruler, is it the same as a ruler? Well he couldn't find a foot ruler but he said he found a yard stick. Wonder why they call it a yard stick!? It would take a long time to measure the yard with that. He really needs a measuring tape for that. Oh well maybe he can help me after all.

He explains that a yard stick is three (3) feet long. He has me look at the yard stick and tell him how many inches is under where it says one (1) foot. I look, and then I say, twelve inches. Then he ask me how tall was Sue's flower. I look at the math problem and then I read one foot, the he asked me how many inches on the yard stick is one foot and I say 12. So he ask me, How tall in inches was Sue's flower? And I say 12 inches and then record the answer to my homework page. So if Sue's flower is 12 inches and Tom's flower is 11 inches tall, Who's flower  is the tallest? Sue's and I record that answer to my homework. We do this on every problem and it is so easy when you have the measuring stick to help you. Now I know that 12 inches is one foot, 24 inches is two foot and 36 inches is three foot.

Poppy is taller than two yard sticks and I am taller than one. Poppy how many yardsticks are you around?

I think it time to put away your finished homework and go play.

The Wibbley Wobbley Chair

We have an old office chair in our garage that we have been trying to throw away for several years. Every time we have tried Chloe has been here and she always wants to keep it. I asked her why she wanted to keep a chair that sits slightly to one side, But Poppy, just look at the chair, it has perfect upholstery and the wheels are good and you know Poppy it is a fun chair for you to spin me around in and sing me the silly song you make up about the Wibbley Wobbley Chair.

I guess that I'm a little sentimental like Chloe and she probably got it from me, it's hard to throw away things that can be repaired if I could  find a chair just like it on the side of the road where the shock is still good and replace the broken one. But until then we can still take several more spins in this one.

She is ready to take a spin around the world in this old chair. Yes you can ride your bike or even your scooter or maybe play in the little red car, but when you come down to it there is nothing to compare with The Wibbley Wobbley Chair.

When it stops, Poppy say's," I have the look of shock from spinning in My Wibbley Wobbley Chair." But what I like best is Poppy it right there spinning me around and around in the Wibbley Wobbley Chair.

My hair looks a mess, my eyes look afright and I so dizzy right now, but you haven't had fun until you have spun in The Wibble Wobbley Chair.

Ok Poppy, You have rested up enough and I'm ready for another spin in The Wibbley Wobbley Chair. Lets go fast and have some more fun while it last, In The Wibbley Wobbley Chair.

Oh no, mommy just called and said that she was on her way and now we won't have long to play, but maybe we can, surely we can, take just one more spin in The Wibbley Wobbley Chair.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pop and Great Grandmother House

I am one lucky girl, I have a Poppy and a Grandmother that I see every weekend and I have a Pop and a Great Grandmother close by also.

Poppy is who I spend the most time with but I know that whenever I want to go to Pop's he will take me there and we will have fun there as well. Pop has a trampoline so I can jump until my hearts content. But if i was at Poppy's house I know that I can jump on their bed, because Grandmother said I could.

At Pop's there are also horses and calves and dogs to play with. There is a haunted house on his property that I have gotten my Aunt Emily to take me up to see, but I will never go in it. I always heard the older ones talking about the back forty and I never knew what they were talking about until I asked Aunt Emily to take me there and I found out that it is where the horses stay on the back forty acres. There are a lot of big Cedar Trees back there and some power lines with huge Power Towers and Lines. There is a little Pond that has a lot of frogs in it and the surface is green. There is a truck back there with trees growing in the inside and under the hood. I'm not kidding.

There are so many huge trees that I would love to build a tree house in one someday. And there are several Pecan trees close to the house that I like to pick up the pecans in the fall.

There are large horses and smaller horses and they are so gentle when you ride them and Pop let's me feed them and they will eat out of your hand. They also like to be combed down with a curry comb.

My favorite is Cheyenne because she looks like Barbie's white horse. Even though she is the tallest horse our here she is still gentle.

Aunt Pat and Uncle Kenny are two of Pop and Great Grandmother's five children.

Here is my Grandmother, she came out to watch me jump on the trampoline. She is my Pop and Great Grandmother's oldest child.

Well as always it has been another fun day at Pop's house.

Poppy, I Have An Idea...,

Well it's finally Friday again and you should already know what this means!

If you answered, time to go and pick up Chloe from school, you were correct. Where has the week gone for it to be Friday all over again. No, I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering what happened to make the week pass so quickly.

I get there early to try and get in the front of the line and I am car number eight in the line. At least when she comes out I am parked at the end of the walkway and she can walk straight to the car.

As soon as she gets in the car she let's me know that she has an idea to pass by me and to see if it's ok by me. I was thinking in school today that if you would buy me a Happy Meal and buy one for yourself then I could end up with two toys instead of one. Chloe this is a great idea, why haven't we thought of this before. I don't know Poppy, we were just our math when the idea came to me.

Well we ended up buying two Happy Meals and an extra, Large Fry.

Chloe ate her plain cheeseburger and her small fries but decided that she wasn't thirsty enough for a drink because she had gotten earlier a Raspberry Slush from Sonic when she got out of school.

After she ate her meal I let her see the toys that came with her Happy Meals.  The Yellow Doll she named Shutter Fly and she named the Pink Doll, Pinkie Pie.

She asked could she store the dolls in my Computer Bag so that they would stay safe and she would not lose them. She wanted to wait until she got in the car so she didn't lose any loose pieces.

Once we get thru eating and the toys are stored away she runs off to play and I settle down with my Word-Find book that Chloe got me from Dollar Tree and try to find words while watching her play and while listening to about twenty-five kids holler and scream as they have a great time playing together.

She decides to stop and get her a drink that she hadn't gotten earlier with her meal and cool off a bit. She also wanted to see one of the dolls for a few minutes to check it out in the bag.

Hey Poppy, you know that it has been awhile since you took my picture with Mr. Ronald.

Ok Poppy, Ronald and I are ready for you to take our picture this time.