Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chloe Riding On Princess

Chloe has always enjoyed feeding the horses with Pop. She has ridden Cheyenne with her cousins when they were here this summer and earlier in the year she rode one of the small ponies.

She loves her cats that she has at home, and she loves the dogs that are at Pop's house and the dog at her Dad's.

So the other day I was surprised when she said she wanted to ride Princess. Uncle John was off for the day and he said that he would lead her around on Princess. She immediately took him up on his offer.

I think as she got comfortable in her riding she relaxed and finally a smile came shinning through. She didn't want to get off, and wanted to go around the yard again.

Pop and Sky (the dog) and Grandmother sitting in the shade watching Chloe be led around on the pony. Grandmother has some sprat for the offending flies and mosquitos.

"Thank You," Uncle John for leading me around on Princess, I really enjoyed my ride.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting All Her Babies Ready For Bed

Chloe had always loved to play with her dolls. They come in all shapes and sizes and each one is special to her.

She has Montney the monkey, Sweet Heart the Bear, Bonesy, Lottle Bear and Zoe all tucked in for the night.

Uni the purple Unicorn is resting at the foot of her bed and ready for a peaceful night.

Then she finds Mr. Frog and adds him to the ones already tucked in....

Poppy, "Doesn't Montney look so cozy in the bed".

She finds Jessie, who has been under the bed and now they are all ready to be read their bedtime story and go to sleep.

Where are we going to put Pinkie Poppy? I asked her where was she going to sleep in the bed. She said, "Oh Poppy that easy, I'm going to sleep with you and Grandmother tonight.

Another fun day with Chloe.