Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grandfather And Granddaughter Luncheon

Marcie asked me a few weeks ago if I would go to Chloe's Father, Daughter Luncheon. I said I would be glad to go and if David was able to go that I would just wait until she was ready to go home and we would go home together.

The weekend before the luncheon, Chloe was checking  to make sure that I was going to be there for her luncheon. I told her that I would be there.

She then let me know that I might not be able to sit at the table where the Luncheon would be because the seats were made for small children. I reassured her that I would bring a chair to sit in and that everything would be OK.

Thursday came around and that evening I got a call from Chloe reminding me about the luncheon the next day. I told her that yes I would be there and that I already had my chair in the car.

On Friday I arrived about forty-five minutes early so as to get a good parking spot near the entrance. I got out my folding chair and went into the school building. We were instructed that it would start about 11:45 a.m. and that we could wait in the Lobby until they were ready for us in the classroom.

They said that we could go to our daughter's or grand daughter's classrooms. As we went down the hall, in front of each room were projects that each class had written about and a picture or object that went along with their report.

The first class had studied adobe houses and how to make adobe bricks. They had written a report on adobe brick making and they had taken a shoe box and covered it with adobe mud.

The second class had read a book and written a book report about the book and colored a picture from the part of the story that they liked.

The third class had studied insects and they had written a report about their insect and then they had cut out different colors of construction paper for their insects.

Chloe's class had been busy studying about birds in different countries. She had written a report about Panama and its bird the Parakeet. On the wall above their report they had colored the bird that they had written about. I quickly scanned the wall and this is what I found.
As you can see, she did a wonderful job on her picture and I was happy to say that my grand daughter did this one.

Then they invited us into the classroom and each child showed their parent or grand parent around their room. I got to see where she sat in class, where her locker was. The center where they sat on the carpet to read books. We were shown where they did work on the computer and i-pad. Then she brought me a picture of herself that said, "I want to be like you." It had a picture of her in her school uniform and she had a towel slung over her shoulder and shaving cream on her face.

On the back was written:

A Great Dad makes memories,
Goes on great adventures,
Always puts his family first,
Makes sacrifices,
Is patient,
Always has the time for his kids,
Is a great teacher,
Loves his kids and their mother

After reading this I was so glad that I was there for Chloe. I love this little girl so much and each day that were together I try to add to memories that will last a lifetime for her. I want her to know that she is loved, and as grand parents we will be there for her.

Chloe asked me, "Poppy where is your recliner that you put in the car." I looked at her and said, "I didn't bring my recliner honey, I brought a folding chair." She said, "I wondered how you were going to carry that big recliner down the hall."

Lunch time was announced and we headed toward the gym. We stood in line for the BBQ Luncheon. I sat in my folding chair and she sat at the table. I thanked her for telling me about the table seats, because I sure would have looked funny trying to sit on one.

We sat and ate our BBQ, Chloe just nibbled on it saying it wasn't her favorite meal. I said if it were something sweet I bet she would eat it. It wasn't long before they announced that they had cookies ready and that the children could come up and get one for their parent.

She got her two cookies and when she came back to the table, I said that we could leave now because I had already signed her out for the day. She looked up and me and said I don't want to miss the opportunity to play out on the playground. So that is where we went next, outside on the playground.

When the teachers announced that the children needed to line up, Chloe came over to me and said, "Poppy, now we can go to McDonald's and play."

We went to McDonald's for about three hours so that she could play with her friends and burn up some extra energy.

When we got there she said, "Poppy I want a McDouble Cheese Burger some fries and a coke." I explained that I would get her one but I didn't want her just to nibble on it but to eat it. She said that she would and so I got it for her and she ate it all up.

Her friends at McDonald's love to see who can go through the tunnels the fastest, or play freeze tag or hiding seek. Chloe's favorite place to hide is behind me, I told her that she needed to find somewhere else because by now everyone knew where she liked to hide. So she found a new hiding place where the store the highchairs when they are not in use. She also like to hide behind the birthday chair that over by the wall.

She told me that the girls like the pink slide the best.

And that the boys liked the green slide the best.

And that the fastest way up was the purple and yellow tunnel with the blue steps.
You can climb up the padded steps to the tunnels or to the TV room.

Or go to the other side and climb up the slides backwards.

And when you get tired you can just relax in Ronald McDonald's lap.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Almost Seven

Chloe has really learned to write this year in Kindergarten. Whenever she find any paper that she can write on she always finds something to write down. Above is a card that she made for her mommy, I just had to take a picture of it because it was so sweet.

I explained to her, the need to write with a pencil instead of a pen, because if you make a mistake with a pencil you can erase it. She came back with, "Poppy that is what you are for if I can't spell the word." They have all of the great answers.

She is admiring her writing of a job that she knows that she has done well. She said her teacher, Mrs. Claire told her, "That a job worth doing, is a job that you do well." "Ok," I answered.

One card finished time enough to do another one for Grandmother. This card will be posted on the refrigerator and I will make it really pretty.

"Poppy, Is grandmother one word or two words." "I remember Mrs. Claire saying that it could be one word or two, but I don't remember when. I know that grand is an adjective and mother is a noun. And I know that it has three syllables, but I'm not sure it it's one word or two." 

I explained to Chloe that if she is using the word grand to describe mother it is an adjective and it is two words. ( grand mother, grand grandmother), but if she is just talking about grandmother it is just one word.

Writing time is just about over for the day, you can tell that she is starting to get a little restless and wanting to take a break and play.
Yes, I was right, just in time for a much needed break. Just in time to go for a bike ride outside.