Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Monday, March 9, 2015

Some Old Favorites...,

Not only does she have favorite colors, (pin and purple). But she has many other kids of favorites as well.

She has her favorite foods, her favorite toys, her favorite games, her favorite friends.

When it comes down to clothes...well she has some favorites there as well and some she has outgrown, but we can't box them up for when she has little girls because sh wants them left in her closet so that she can still see them.

A few years ago maybe two we purchased two dresses at the same time one was pin and black and the other was pink and purple. They both came with stretchy leggings that she could wear with the dress or without. Both dresses had tie sashes in the back and she loved both equally.

Whenever she comes over she wants to always put on the purple and black dress but I always tell her, honey it is so short it looks like a summer top. Then she will pick out something else to wear but letting us know that she would like to have new dresses just like these two dresses but in a larger size.

Since it has been cold, she has taken to wearing her pajamas's around the house and if she goes to the store she wants to dress them up with her dressy slippers. She has had her own style ever since she was almost two. You would think that what she had picked out didn't go together, but when the outfit was put on it looked as if it was purchased that way.

Well this weekend as soon as she got here she did as always, she went to the closet to change into her clothes at our house.

What did she put on but the purple and black dress and black stretch leggings. I have to say that she looked like a little doll. She wore the dress as a top and when she went outside she added black pants to finish her look.

She looked at me and said, "See, it's not to small worn this way and it feels great.

Now that daddies here what can we do?

Look Who Went To The Photo Gallery

Chloe let us know that soon she would be getting some new family pictures and that we could pick out the one that we wanted.

After a few weeks several pictures showed up on her Mimi's Facebook page and we got to see all of the pictures.

A Black and White of Mommy and Chloe

Mommy And Chloe

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

"First Grade"

"Grandmother's Little Girl"

 "Poppy's Little Girl"

Her First Big Snow At Poppy's House

She had to wait seven long years before she got a big snow weekend at Poppy's House.

Every winter, Chloe would always ask when was it going to show, and would we get enough to go sledding on and could we build a big snow person.

We have had a few winters where there just enough snow to make a very small snowman about six inches tall when she has been at out house but never enough to really play in.

Well this year worked out perfectly, we got two good snows back to back and one was over the weekend while she was here with Poppy and Grandmother.

There was so much excitement in the air when she came over on Friday morning, first she was out of school for snow and she was here at her grandparents.

Over the years she has heard her dad talk to her about sledding on the sled. She has seen the sled in the attic and set on it dreaming all about the ride she would have on it.

The day before coming over to our house, her mother and her had thrown snowballs out in the yard at each other and she had made snow angles in the yard. She had caught snow in some plastic containers to store in the freezer for later use.

She had wanted to make some snow cream, but neither her mother or Mimi knew how to make it like Grandmother could. She said her Grandmother was the,"bomb," whenever it came to cooking. Grandmother say's, "She cooks from scratch. It doesn't look like scratch to me but I'll let her call it whatever she want's to call it. (That is another journal entry for later.)

Well, we took grandmother to work, and I knew that I had my Poppy all to myself and I could get him to do what I needed him to do for me. I could hardly wait until we got back home.

Poppy wanted to drive around the neighborhood and take snow pictures before we went home, so I let him because I knew he would be busy once we got home.

We pulled in to the parking lot of the Preforming Arts Building that is across the lake from Poppy's house. Poppy asked me, Do you want to make a circle in the snow? I didn't know exactly what he meant but I was ready to get out of the car to play in the snow. I started to open the door when he stopped me and said we are going to do it with the car. So we got in the middle of the parking lot and he went around three times and when we pulled away we had four tire prints in the snow in perfect circles. See, I already knew that my Poppy could do anything!

We finally get home, I tell Poppy to stay in the garage and I run to the restroom. Poppy, "Let me show you how i make snow angles." I watch as she lies down in the snow and make snow angles in our front yard. Our complete yard up to this point was smooth with snow until Chloe got started and she had a whole yard to play in and do whatever she could imagine with the snow. She spelled her name in the snow by walking each letter out with her feet.

I got a few snowball hits before I knew that she had been working quietly making a pile to throw at me. She has a perfect aim and everyone that she threw his their target, me.

Poppy, remember when we got the last snow and it was on the ground for more than three days I told you it was going to snow again. I asked her where had she learned that. Oh I learned it from this old lady at my school. When she told me her name I knew that she was younger than me and I asked her, "Who do you think is older me or her?" Oh Poppy,"Why do you have to ask? You know that she is way older than you. I asked her, "How is that, Well, she only talks about stuff, but you get right in there and act just like me, so that is how I know that your younger.

Poppy, "Will you show me how to make a big snow girl?" Sure, you know I will. First make you a big snowball as round as you can. Now roll the snowball across the yard and back until we get it big enough for the bottom if the snow girl. When you have it as big as you want it roll it over her to the shade so it want melt as fast. But Poppy, "I want it closer to the street so everyone can see her." "OK, just stop where you want to put it." She put it by the drive and the sidewalk where everyone could see this masterpiece. Now what you need to do is pack some snow all around the base to keep it from rolling over when you ad the next roll on top of your base roll. Make another snowball like you did with the first one and roll it in another part of the yard. Make this one a little smaller than the first one. This will be its body to hold the head. Now put it on top of the base and pack some snow all around to hold both rolls together. Now do the same thing again, make a snowball and make it smaller than the last one and bring it to me before you attach it to the body. Once the head was rolled she brought it to me and I shaped it into a round shape. We took a green bottle cap and she put it on the snow girls face, then she took some snow and packed it around the nose to hold the cap in place and then she took some snow and made some lips and we added two nails for braces over the teeth. And the last thing that she did was insert two nuts for eyes. She took the head and attached it to the body securing it. She stood back and admired what she had accomplished. Poppy she is just about ready except for clothes and a hat to keep her from melting as fast. she found two sticks for the arms, while I went and got the shirt for her snow girl. She put on the shirt and then ran into the house for a knit hat for her head.

She played and played until she was ready to go inside and get something dry on and to warm up.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Poppy, Do You Remember This...,

The other day we had to take our newer computer to the shop because it had a problem and I had gotten out the old one to use.

Chloe had come for the weekend and we usually play Barbie Makeover's on the computer and look at the pictures that were added from the previous week.

She said, "I bet there are some old pictures that I haven't seen in a while on this computer, you thinks so." Your probably right about that.

Poppy, I remember this one, we had been playing outside and grandmother had gone to the store and brought back some watermelons and I was playing with them.

Poppy, I don't remember wearing this green dress! I know it hang in the closet but I don't remember wearing it, but it looks good on me.

I remember this one was taken on the slide in my backyard.

How old was I in this picture Poppy? About 9 months old.

Lookie here, I still love pasta and Alfreda sauce, but not so much peas and carrots.

I look cute in this brown dress. What happened to this dress? Grandmother gave it to your little cousin Scarlett. But Poppy, I wanted to keep it for my little girl. OK, we will get it back from Scarlett when she can't wear it anymore. Tell her to not get it dirty!!

I remember this time at Pops on his back porch!

Poppy, This was one of my favorite outfits, it had a red skirt and some red pants that I later wore as shorts.

I remember this day feeding the ducks and wanting you to take me for a run around the lake when my daddy surprised me and he took me for a walk and run around the lake and to the store for an ice cream.

These two pictures were taken when we went to the park with Grandmother and we had a picnic. Do you remember that Poppy?

I was cute and tan when I was a little girl, right Poppy. I loved to play outside and still do.

I remember trying on these shoes at the show store and want them because they had heels but they were to big.

Poppy, Look at my smile in this one, hehe

Hey this one was not to long ago when I lost my two front teeth!

Hey!!, In this one I've got my mama in my mouth and the dolls hat on my head, that's so funny.

Look!! Poppy Grandmother and I look just alike! Cool!

Why do I look so serious in this one Poppy? Probably because you were watching the ducks in the yard or on the lake.