Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Cutest Little Fairy And Her Daddy

Halloween is finally here and Chloe has looked forward to this day all year.

She had a sleepover at a friends house and her daddy came to go with them trick-or-treating. Her mommy said that she had so much fun with her friends and everything made for a great Halloween.

The Little Fairy

She is standing waiting to go trick-or-treating. I know that she can hardly wait, just thinking about all of that candy that she will be getting.

Daddy and Chloe having a good time.

The Twins

We are glad that she could have this special time with her friends and her dad. Halloween is one of her favorite Holidays.

David, we sure appreciate these pictures that you took of you and Chloe on Halloween evening. We're glad that  you all had a great time and I know that Chloe will enjoy all of her candy.

It sure was quite around our house this weekend. Yes we probably got a lot more done around the house, but there is something "special" about having your granddaughter around.