Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Having A One On One With Great-Grandmother

Chloe loves to go to her Great Grandparents home and visit them. Sunday while visiting them she was having a conversation with Great Grandmother.

When you were little did you walk to school? Grandmother, "Yes I did and sometimes my mother picked me up." What did you do in school? "One time my teacher called me up in the front of the class in first grade and gave me an award for best handwriting." Do you get tired of sitting in this chair? "Not when I can have a "Special" conversation with you." Do you like to cook? "When I could cook I would make six Chocolate Pies at a time." Chloe, "I love to eat chocolate pies when grandmother makes them." Do you like cookies? "I sure do." Great Grandmother do you like looking at your flowers and the birds outside? "I enjoy watching the birds at the feeder and seeing all of the pretty flowers." Is my Grandmother your baby? "She was my first baby." They had a great conversation going for over an hour.

Sometimes Chloe wants to feed Great Grandmother and when she does this she will be patient as she feeds her and make sure that she has swallowed each bite. After she has fed her she will sit down and eat her meal.

It is so special to watch this and to see that there is not a generation gap between them just great friendship.

The Balloon Princess

On a recent trip to the park, Chloe was given this balloon by a lady that lives across from the park. Her son is a balloon artist and she thought Chloe would love to have one of his designs. Chloe had said that she had had a special day already and this was such a special way to finish her day.

She wanted to get her picture take with her princess.

Our Little Photographer

Chloe has wanted a camera since she was about two. She has dropped two of our cameras while the lens were out and they are useless after that. So she wanted the camera to take pictures because she said that she was older and that she would be careful with the camera. So below you will see the pictures that she took.

Her new doll.

A picture of the steps and flower pot.

One of her flowers that she waters and takes care of.

Looking at the moon and the lake off of the deck.

Another one of her flowers.

The sky with four birds flying up high.

A closeup picture of herself.

She attempted to take a picture of us on the bedside table.

Picture of some of the ducks that she likes to feed.

Backyard and lake

A picture of her hand.

I think that she did a great job of taking pictures. What do you think? I know that when I was almost five I didn't even think of taking the camera to get pictures. I'm sure that you can tell we are proud of Chloe and her accomplishment.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another Great Day

Yesterday we picked Chloe up from school.
When she got into the car, she had to sit in Grandmother's lap and tell her all about her day.
After getting seated in the car Grandmother asked Chloe where she would like to go and she said she wanted to go and eat where they have the orange seats. This translates to Taco Bell. She said that she wanted to eat a roll up (cheese roll-up)and a pink lemonade. When we got to Taco Bell her favorite seat was already taken so she decided to sit in the tall seats for a change. When the order was ready her favorite seat was empty and she was so excited that she got to sit in her favorite seat. She exclaimed, "This is going to be a special day for me. It fills good to know that they are building memories that will last a lifetime for them. After eating it was such a cool evening after having several days in the 90 degrees that we decided to go to the Park.
Posing on the slide...,
Telling us that in a few weeks she will be five and she can get on the swing all by herself.
So she tried...,
And tried again...,
Until she finally got the hang of it.
We stayed at the park until it got dark. Check out the picture below of the moon.
As we were leaving and going to the car a lady came up to Grandmother and said she had been watching Chloe from her house across the street and wondered if she would like a balloon and Grandmother said sure she would love that. The lady explained that her son was a balloon artist and they had just returned from doing a job at the Sisterhood Show downtown and they had an extra balloon and they wanted her to have it. I think that we were all surprised when her daughter brought up the balloon. It was a life sized princess made from balloons.
We brought it home and put it in her room. She was so excited and said, I told you it was going to be a great day!