Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Friday, September 23, 2011

Debby's Homemade Pear Preserves

The pear have been washed and are ready to peel, slice and dice.

Whole pears after the peeling has been removed.

Slicing and then dicing the pears after they have been peeled.

Bring the clean jars to a boil on the stove top to make sure that they are sanitized and ready for the preserves.

We have diced up all of our pears and they have been rinced and are now ready for the sugar to be added and then put in the refrigerator for the night.

They have been sitting in the refrigerator overnight covered with sugar to sweeten and to draw the juice out of the pears. The are now ready to put on the stove.

The pears are on the stove at a low simmer after bringing them to a boil and they will simmer for about three hours.

Debby and I were glad to see the Preserves finally finished and that all of the jars sealed.


Debby's Pear Preserves

5-Gallon bucket of picked pairs will make 2 batches


Prepare your pears by rinsing them off before peeling.

After they are peeled, slice and cut into desired pieces.

2 – tsp of fruit fresh dissolved into 2 cups of water, pour over the container of fresh fruit that you have cut. (optional)

Take about 6 to 7 quarts of cut pears and drain if you desire, and put 6 to 7 cups of sugar over the cut fruit. Cover and put in refrigerator overnight or cover and let sit on counter.

Put sugared fruit on stove and bring to a low boil (stir it a few times) then turn stove down to just above a simmer and continue to cook for 2 to 2 ½ hours. (stir occasionally)

Then put into jars and let seal.

This will make about 6 to 7 pints of preserves.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


We are learning each weekend what Chloe is learning in her Pre-K class. She wants to be the teacher with me (Poppy) and Grandmother. We learn to zip our lips and to listen to the teacher as she instructs us during class. It is great to go back to school and learn along with Chloe, as she spells, practices her letters and explains to us shapes and how to draw them.

She is a fast learner and has a vast understanding of things once they are explained to her. We look ahead to this weekend to see what she has learned this week.