Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Friday, January 3, 2014

Holidays And Cousins

Always around the Holidays and Birthdays the cousins and nieces and nephews come to see their Pop and Grandmother, this year was know exception.

They have fun, even thought they have been separated for a few months, it seems like they just pick up where they left off on the previous visit.

The cousins from GA had all gotten a Tablet for Christmas and this was the thing that kept them occupied the most. They have an Uncle in GA that is Tech Savy and he loaded extra games and movies on it for them to watch in the car or elsewhere.

They jumped on the trampoline and picked up pecans and fed the horses some bread. Inside they played chase and hiding-go-seek, usually hiding in the same places that they had hidden in before.
They giggled and laughed and just had some great fun together again.

Their grandmother went out to get a few things and came back with a Karaoke mike that she thought that they would like to play around with. I knew from Chloe when we ask her to sing us some songs that she has learned in school, we never hear the first peep. But give her the mike and she sang like a little bird. It was so amazing what a mike could get them to do.
The mike has some prerecorded Christmas tunes and Lacy and Chloe sang a duet. Everything was ok until she knew that the camera's were there for pictures. We have to sneak and get our pictures because she has become camera shy.
Logan was just content to sit back out of the way of the girls and there singing and watch a movie on his mom's phone.
She has been missing that one on one time with her Poppy, so she was wanting to be tickled and hugged and loved, what more could a Poppy want.
Chloe like to sit on the Computer table and lean her back into me to color or play games on the computer.
She is right where she loves to be and she doesn't mind having this picture made. There is a bond here that will last forever. I sure love my granddaughter.

Christmas Is Past And Welcome 2014

Chloe was going to come for a visit with us on Christmas Eve, but I was not feeling well so she stayed with her Mimi instead. On Christmas she spent it with her dad and after Christmas she went to see her Papaw Dan in MS. We finally got to have Christmas with her on New Years Eve, it probably didn't seem like Christmas to her, because she had already unwrapped gifts at three other places.

She has been asking me all year for an iPad first for her Birthday and when she didn't get it then she started asking for Christmas. I waited until Christmas Eve to look for one for her and all were sold out.
I went to Walmart and they had a Nabi Jr. for children her age with games and movies and learning tools for school. After getting it home and looking it up on the internet I found out that it was not what I wanted for her. I wanted something she could watch movies on or play games that were pre-loaded that she could play without getting on the Internet. This one would only work on Wi-Fi. I should have questioned why they had just a few of the model only left.
I shouldn't have purchased it because first of all it wasn't pink, but what can I say I put of buying to late.
I have Wi-Fi with a stick in my desktop Computer but this nabi.jr doesn't have a plug for a flash drive, if it did I would have kept it.

So to say that she was a little unhappy was an understatement and I could have kicked myself for not keeping that smile on her face. They don't understand that one is coming to the store for her on the sixth of January 2014, when she has waited all year for Christmas.

We got her some new pajamas's because she has grown several inches since last year. And she wanted some candy canes for her stocking. We got several packs and she hid the others so she would have them when she comes back this weekend. She got a movie and the Monster High doll that she had been wanting every time we went to the store. I explained why I didn't buy it each time we had gone to the store was because I had already purchased it for her but it was to be a surprise.

We also got her some new skirts as well as a new outfit for meetings on Sunday. She loves to dress up when she goes somewhere. She has been putting her clothes together since before she was two.

Around Thanksgiving we purchase some dress boots and later bought a pair of pink shoes for Chloe for Christmas. She found them in the closet so we let her have them after they were found.
And a few accessories to complete the outfits, a new clutch purse. gloves and earmuffs for the cold Winter ahead.

Welcome 2014 you are well in sight now.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!


A happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I've played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.
~ Edgar Guest ~

Happy New Year!