Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How Many Minutes Until Friday?

After having a fun weekend with Chloe, she left on Sunday afternoon to go home. We had had such fun all weekend, playing and doing things that a little eight year old loves to do.

On Monday afternoon, I get a call from Chloe. What are you doing Poppy? “Oh I'm just sitting here waiting on you to give me a call this evening. (Silence) Then I asked her, what are you doing and her reply is, “I don't know!” which then prompts me to start to dig out of her what she has done for the day. Did you have much homework? “Yes, was her reply, and I have already finished it.” Did you get to play outside today? No, but we went to the gym to do some exercises. This dialog goes on for several minutes, me asking the questions and her supplying the answers.

It then gets quite on the line and then she says, Poppy how many minutes is it until next weekend!

Well it is quite a few minutes until next Friday. Poppy, how is that when a minute is so short of a time.

Well there are sixty minutes in and hour and twenty-four hours in a day so that is 1,440 minutes in one day, times four days, that will equal 5,760 minutes. Wow! Poppy that is way to long to have to wait until I see you again.

Well Chloe, it is better if you just think of it in days rather than minutes because four days is shorter than over 5,000 minutes.

Is it ok, if I call you everyday until Friday, sure that will be fine with me because I will get to hear your sweet voice everyday.

So on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I got my “Special Call,” from her and we talked about what she had done at school for the day and what she wanted to do for the weekend. On Thursday she was so excited because she knew that it was only one more day until Friday.

It was also a long week for Poppy but then she would have a long weekend with us and an extra day off from school on Monday for a school holiday.

I can't wait until then to see what she will want to do then.