Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Walking The Path

Oh God please help my weary feet
The path is stoney and sometimes steep

Oh help me thy path to keep when
stones lay there that bruise my feet.

When holes are there, I do not see
Take my hand, I'll walk with THEE.

When mud is there, I can't cross through,
Hold tight my hand, Thy Will I'll do.

Show me thy love when alone I must go.
To others Thy love I must always show.

When the days seem weary and the path so long
Help me to sing Thee a Heavenly song.

When the down hill is slippery and the hills are so steep
Always oh always Thy Way must I keep.

The distance to Heaven is walked here from earth
God's there to guide us ore all kinds of turf

Some walk by others,yet some walk alone
Be true in your walk to reach the Heavenly Dawn.

God holds the prize for you and for me, walk on my
dear ones Thy Face you will see.

By Lucy W. Hagy

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cabin Fever

Chloe was tired of playing in the house because of it having rained and it had been to cold to go outside. She was having Cabin Fever from being inside to much. She told Grandmother that the sun was shinning and she wanted to go outside to play. Grandmother said, that even though it was sunny, it was still cold outside and she wouldn't want to stay outside in the cold. She proceeded to get Chloe ready to go outside so she could check it out for herself.

When she got outside she told her grandmother that the sun felt great and she proceeded to play. After a few minutes she started to get cold and asked could she go back inside where it was warmer.

I think she had to see and feel it to believe it for herself.