Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is She Training For The Olympics?

After seeing and hearing about the Olympics, I guess a little of it has sunk into her thoughts. So this afternoon while jumping on the trampoline she exclaims, "Poppy I'm training to do the Olympics.

So she wanted to show me how that when she jumps she could kick herself with her feet.

So she ask for a drink of her "Sweet Tea" something a "Southern Girl" is very fond of and raises up her glass with a smile.

And after having a little tea she is ready to jump a little more.

Poppy, "That "ice tea" is so cool and refreshing it just "hit the spot."

Here Is Me Looking At You, While Your Looking At Me!!

Chloe gets in the linen closet and finds a mirror and she is walking around the room with it. She notices that while looking in the mirror she can see things that are behind her.

Look!! Poppy, "I can see you while I am looking at me in the mirror."


I take a picture of her hairdo and she is looking in the mirror..,

This is so cool Poppy, "While I'm looking at me in the mirror, I can see you taking a picture of me and I am turned the other way.

Waiting On Daddy To Pick Me Up

Chloe talked with her dad on Friday evening and he said that the had a couple of jobs on Saturday. He said that he would come after work and see her.

Well on Saturday morning after waking up and getting ready she comes and asks us. When is my daddy coming to get me. As we were unsure of the time she gets herself a dining room chair and sets by the window looking out to the walkway.

and she waited,,.

She would leave her spot and go and play for awhile and then she would come back to watch..,

and w-a-i-t...,

and w-a-i-t...,

Finally she got tired of waiting and decided that he wasn't going to make it because he got held over at work.

So today he called and said that he was on the way to get her and we decided not to tell her so if he didn't come she wouldn't be disappointed.

Her wait is finally over and she is so excited to have some time with her dad.

Now we can have a perfect day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Can Do It..,

The other day we went to the Dollar Tree Store and Chloe wanted to buy herself a Hula-Hoop. She exclaimed that, "I can do it and get me some exercise." So she picked her out a yellow one since they didn't have either pink or purple. She couldn't wait until we got home to try it out. Just as soon as we got home she wanted to put it to the test.

Her instructions to us were: First you put it on your waist and then give it a twirl..,

And when it stops, you do it again..,

Pick it up and do it again..,

and again..,

This is a lot of fun and it sure gives you a workout.

Playing In Pop's Back Yard

Chloe love to go to Pop's house and play in the back yard. It is over an acre and she calls it her big world. She can run, jump and play with complete freedom. There are horses to pet and feed, and Penny her favorite doggie. She can jump on the trampoline or she can as she says, "Help her Pop in the yard."

She said, "When you jump you can feel the wind as it blows thru your hair."

When you jump it lets you feel as if you could fly..,

Poppy, "Come and jump with me..,

And jump some more.

While playing in the yard I see that the wind has blown down some sticks from the trees. I think I will get the handy-cart and pick them up and put them in a pile for Pop to burn so he doesn't run over them with the lawnmower.

Look at my pile of sticks Poppy..,

Poppy, "Do you think that Pop is going to be proud of me helping him?"

I wish I could be here when he burns these sticks, but it would probably be to dangerous. Maybe we can save them for a Marshmallow roasting.

Poppy, "When you stand by these trees doesn't make you feel real small since they are so big." "They look like big umbrellas with all their leaves on them.

"Are these the holes that the woodpecker makes in the tree trunk?"