Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grandmother's Little Helper

Chloe has always wanted to do her share of helping around the house. Wether we are cleaning or cooking or setting the table she wants to do her part. Every weekend when we are at the Great-Grandparents she wants to help feed G-Grandmother or be her nurse.

So today she wanted to get the table ready for lunch. She picked out the plates and set the table.

An appetisier...

Choosing what she wants to eat. She loves to eat her vegetables.

She loves Califlower, Broccoli, cheese and noodles with a few chips on the side.

Mmm this is so good...

And to finish the meal with a glass of milk in a glass not a sippy cup.

Poppy.!! Can I Drive

I think all kids can't wait until they can get behind the wheel and drive. So when we went outside to play with the Penny (the dog) she wanted to get behind the wheel. So as a grandparent you always try to keep the grand child happy so...

It didn't matter that the mirrors weren't set or that the seat was all the way back. All of the excitement was there to just be in the drivers seat.

Pure happiness!!!!

Now, for a little time with her best friend. Can you tell that they have a love for each other.

There is nothing to compare when you share some time with your best friend.

"Hey Poppy," "Can we go and jump on the trampoline now!!
Can we!

Aw shucks, it's raining. So can I try and catch some raindrops. So...

"Poppy!!" "I'm not catching any drops of rain. I told her to try opening her mouth more so she could catch some."

This is so much fun, you should try it.

It is so great to be a grand parent and to be able to share and make memories that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Our Little Clown

On Friday when we picked her up from school we found that we had a clown to pick up. Friday was character day at school and Chloe's mom had worked hard the previous evening making her a clown suit.

As usual she wanted to go out to eat but we had an errand to run and we passed by two waterfalls. She quickly let us know that we had passed them and she wanted to have a closer look. So....

So we took a picture of the waterfall and also a picture of Chloe and the waterfall...

For some reason the zoom on the camera was not working, probably operator error. And finally..

And then the clown appeared....

And she wanted a closer look at the water so...

And one last shot as we are driving away.

It's Nap Time

The other day we were playing hide and seek and I couldn't find Chloe in any of her favorite hiding places. When I finally decided to look in her room and this is what I found.

I thought she had just climbed under the covers to hide, but on closer inspection I saw that she had fallen asleep.

She is so precious even when she is sleeping.