Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bailey Their New Kitten

This year Chloe's grandmother got her a new kitten for their house. This past year they had several of their cats die from old age and they decided that it was time for a new kitten.

Mimi found a kitten at the animal shelter in Jackson, TN that they fell in love with and got it for Chloe without her knowledge.

When she came to Memphis for Christmas she told her that she had a "Special Christmas Present" for her and she was so excited to see what it was.

Her first ride in the car home from the Animal Shelter, all wrapped up in her blanket.

On her ride to Memphis in her new car kennel. She looks so comfortable as she rides down the rode to her new home.

Under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Morning waiting for Chloe to find her waiting for her.

Hi Chloe, were going to be the best of friends for a very long time. I can't wait to see what kind of adventures that we will have.

Our First Snow For 2016

Chloe looks forward to the first snowfall each year. She wants an opportunity to get out in the snow to play and make snow angels and make snow people.

She thinks of all the things she can do when this "Special Day," comes along each year.

This year we got our first snow in January which is early for us, so now she is hoping for another one in February or March and maybe it will be much bigger.

She had made several snow angels in the yard but she didn't want to get so wet when she made her snow people so she decided to build them on the deck. She said that here they would last longer here than out in the sun.

She remembered how she had learned to roll the snow into a ball and roll it in the snow to make her snow person.

Her bigger snow person fell over after she had made it so she took it and threw it into the lake and then started over making another snow person.

Finally she had a finished product that she is proud of and then she tries to talk me out onto the deck so she can pound me with the snowballs that she had secretly made to use on me.