Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Visit To The Splash Park

Our town just opened a "Spash Park" this Summer. It is something that was needed in the community for the children to enjoy the hottest days of Summer and stay cool while playing outside.

When we told Chloe about it she wanted to go right then but as it was late in the evening she had to wait until the next day.

I could tell that she was going to enjoy it as soon as she got her feet wet when we arrived. There are fountains that come up from the floor to coll you off as you walk around. Their is a wading area around the edges so that you can keep cool instead of walking on the hot concrete.

As I set on the bench at the edge, she loved to come by and kick up the water to "keep me cool" as I sat there and watched her have fun.

There are several tables for families to sit at out of the sun and two large tents over two picnic tables.

In the middle of the "Splash Park" is a slide for kids 4-8 to slide down and it has water coming down the slide as you slide down. The Roof has water running off to get you wet as you walk past.

I was glad that we had thought to bring a couple of cups of ice with us so that as the ice melted we had some cold water to drink.

The Water "Jet Streams" that are around the edges keep the astroturf wet and offer a cool spray of water to play in. Chloe loved to weave in and out of these streams of water as she played.

I think sh really enjoyed the slide because she kept going back to slide down it. She told me later that this was an easy to cool down from the sun.

The lady in the black was watching her little son as he played and she didn't want to get wet as she watched him. As she was standing here waiting for him to use the slide the large bucket spray brimmed over and she got a drenching as she waited in line. I'm sorry, but it was so funny I had to laugh.

Well it is starting to get very hot and since the wristbands are good for the whole day, I think that we will go home and come back later in the evening when it gets a little less hot.