Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Cookies

It has become a habit at our house, whenever Chloe' comes over she wants to help Gamaw cook. Gamaw has told her that one day they would make some cookies. For weeks Chloe' has been playing with the cookie cutters and learning all of the shapes. So this week when she came over Gamaw and Chloe' made some cookies. Below you will see the process of making Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Gamaw got all of the ingredients together and I helped her mix them together.

Gamaw is going to teach me how to put them on the paper in the pan. Can you tell, I can't wait.

"That looks easy enough, Gamaw"

"How do mine look Gamaw?"

This is so much fun, Can I eat some now?

Gamaw are we finished yet?

It hot, right Gamaw!! How long will it take before I can eat one?

Are they ready?

I'm not sure if their ready or not, the bell hasn't rang yet.

The finished cookie, waiting to cool.