Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Made It Through Another Week At School And It's Finally Friday!

I love school, don't get me wrong, but as the week progresses and Friday draws closer I get a little excited, Ok, maybe a lot excited.

I can't wait to see what Poppy has planned for this weekend. Will we be going to the Splash Park, or maybe McDonalds or the Mall or The Park, or the Zoo. I guess I will just have to wait and see, I got to see him on Wednesday and we went to McDonalds and I played with my friends and I promised them that I would be back on Friday. We were playing in our Girls Club that we had made at McDonalds.

Poppy asked me where do I want to go today and I said McDonalds, because I had promised my friends on Wednesday that I would be there on Friday.

So off to McDonalds we headed...., I'll tell you all about it later.

My Little Doggie

I can't remember how long it has been now since I started wanting a little puppy.

I know, they say people never change their mind about their desire between cats and dogs but I may be the first one that you will know.

I have always grown up around cats and even though I have loved them, it has been the other hand it has been hard for them to let me pet them and hug them because they only want to be touched when they want to be.

Now dogs, are  a different story all-together. They will let you hug them, rub them, feed them, play with them and they are like having a little friend with you all the time.

I asked my Poppy to get me a puppy after Pop got a new dog a few years ago. He had several dogs but they were all older and they would let you hung and feed them and pet them but they were to old to run and play. When Pop got Sky that all changed and we have grown up together these last few years and this has made me to want a puppy.

Well we went to the dog pound to try and find a puppy but all we found were large dogs that would not work out for me.

My Aunt has a small dog that is just the right size except that he barks all of the time. Now that is something that would would take getting used to.

Every week I ask Poppy if I can get a dog and he always tells me, "Maybe later."

MAYBE LATER, I want one while I am little not to have to wait until I am bigger, after all I am eight years old!! Doesn't that help in any way.

Well I got me a puppy sorta.., My Aunt Emily brought it over to me in a small carrying bag all of it's own.

The Oil Can

I'm just a little oil can
On the Masters bench I lie,
I'm happy and so thankful
For the help I can supply.

I cannot do important work
Like chisel, plane and saw,
But yet the Master uses me
To be a help to all.

The Master often fills me
Or useless I would be,
For I'm only a little oil can
As everyone can see.

The only virtue I possess.
You'll find it in the oil.
Which I convey to others
To help them in their toil.

I pour the oil onto the tools
At the touch of the Master's hand;
It makes them run more smoothly
As you can understand.

Author Unknown

He wants to have me near Him
So He can quickly use The oil
He has put within me
In the way that He would choose.

Little Things

In little things we prove our love to Jesus;
In little things He proves His love to us;
In little things He longs to see us faithful;
In little things He needs those He can trust.

It is the little tests that make the daily battle,
And little victories we can surely win.
If little in ourselves the Lord can help us
To be a little comfort now to Him.

It is the little foxes, so the Father tells us,
That spoil the precious vine, the tender grapes,
The tender little life committed to us
Where lowly we have entered through the gate.

And lessons in the Book are given
To help the little one upon the earth,
The little ant, the spider, and the locust,
Their little lessons teach us priceless wealth.

A little place to each of us is given
In which to faithful be while here on earth,
If we will fill a little place in Heaven,
Stand true to God who has begun to work.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Second Grade

A new school year has started again and she is in the Second Grade.

She loves her new teacher and her classmates. Some of the classmates are her friends from the first grade and others are new to her this year.

She is excited and working hard each day to get an owl because with five for the week she get to choose something from the surprise box. They also have a jar and for everything that you do like homework and etc. you get a marble from the teacher and when you get 25 in your jar you get something "Special." It could be a longer recess, you get to read in class, among many other things.

The other day I was looking through her backpack and saw a picture that I had colored. I asked her why she was carrying it in her back pack. "Poppy, I take it and during the day whenever I need a boost I look at it and think of you and everything is ok." Ohhh.......that's so special.