Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pop's Little Helpers

Pop, this is fun feeding these horses,right!

Pop, with his little helpers (Chloe and Lacy)

Chloe, Lacy and Logan hoping that Pop can fix the wheelbarrow, so they can ride back out to feed the horses.

Logan, checking out his boo-boo.

Chloe, is glad to be outside with her cousins playing.

Logan and Lacy taking a little breather.

Chloe playing in driveway while pop works on wheelbarrow.

It seem that the great grandkids have the same endless love for their Pop. He includes them while attending to his horses. They get unlimited rides in the wheelbarrow, when they help him spread out the feed. It never seems to bother him, it just brings a smile to his face, knowing that he is enjoying it as much as they are.