Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Fun Day In The Sunshine

We are glad to have a beautiful Spring day and so today we told Chloe that we would enjoy it outside.

She got the duck bread and went out into the yard to get it ready to feed the ducks.

She calls the ducks by mocking their quacking sound and breaks the bread to feed them. She loves to feed the regular ducks but she hates it when the Canada geese come into the yard, because they are so mean and chase the other ducks away.

She loves to run, so today is a good time to release some of that pent up energy. She ran from one side of the yard to the other seeing if she could run faster that the time before.

The lake was looking son enticing and people were walking on the trail and some were fishing and it was just a beautiful Spring day. She came and asked me to take her for a walk around the lake and I told here that she would have to wait until someone came that she could run with because I can't keep up with her when she takes off running.

So she stood by the gate and set by the fence hoping that she could go for a run around the lake. (She calls it a run by the river)

Poppy, if I promise to go slow will you take me for a walk.

David (daddy) saved the day and came by after work, so now she will have someone to go on that run with. The were gone for quite a while and I called David on the phone to see if they needed help. He said that everything was o k, she just wanted to walk to the store and get some rainbow sherbert and have an ice cream. I think in all they ran about two miles.

One thing for sure she will sleep good tonight as will as will David.

Spring in Tennessee

Grandmother suggested that I take Chloe's picture in front of the Azaleas. She told me that she didn't want to get her feet dirty. It took a little pleading and finally she stood in the flowerbed for a picture.

Chloe and Little Tim

A few months ago Chloe learned a little song at school. It goes like this:

I Had A Little Turtle

I had a little turtle, its name was little Tim.
I put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim.
He drank up all the water and he ate up all the soap.
He had so many bubbles in the back of his throat.

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Pop.

Today she went walking around the lake with her dad and when she came home you could hear her long before you could see her. She was so excited with what she had found by the lake.

She said look Poppy, we found Little Tim. I was surprised to see a turtle in her hand since she is always so particular about being clean. She said i meed something to put him in.

She exclaimed that Tim need, food, water and something to put him in. She said, "Poppy can he really eat bubbles." I told her that. "That is only in the song."

While grandmother went to find something to put Little Tim in, Chloe and her Dad (David) put it on the mat to watch it walk.

Grandmother found a Wet Wipe container that would work well for a home and David (daddy) helped Chloe get Little Tim's home ready.

A little bit of loving before putting Little Tim into his new home.

It looks like for now he is enjoying his little home.


We have had Little Tim now for about three weeks and Grandmother suggested that maybe Little Tim might want to go back into the lake with the other turtles. Chloe's reply was, "Grandmother, she was out of the water because the lake was so big and he was scared of all that water and he wants me to be his friend and take care of him. So as for now we are still caring for her little friend.