Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Family Photo

Bonding With My New Little Sister

I have know for several months that I was going to have a little sister, but after a few months it was pushed to the back of my memory.

Then Tina my dads girlfriend started to get a big tummy and then I remembered about the little sister.

I talked about this with my mother an she answered some of my questions that I had, but I still had many questions. I then thought about my Poppy, whenever I had any questions, I could always go to him and he would answer any questions I ever had.

On Friday when Poppy picked me up from school, I told him that I had a few question that I needed answers to.

When we got home we sat down in the Living Room and he got us both a Cola and then I started asking questions that I felt I needed answers to.

Would the new baby be my full sister or my half sister. He told me that the new babies dad would be my dad but her mom was not my moms baby so she would be my half sister, but if I wanted to we could still be sisters.

I wanted to know if she would look like me and my dad and he said there could possibly be some characteristics that we shared with my dad.

I have been his only grand daughter for nine years and I have wondered if our closeness would change. Poppy told me that he will always have a "Special Place," in his heart for me because I was the first grand child, but he would love the new grand daughter as much as he does me. He let me know that we have many wonderful memories over the past nine years and those memories will last forever. When Landry is born and she gets a little older that we (Landry, Poppy and I) can make new memories together and as an older sister I can be her example to look up to. This sure made me feel better and I was glad that we had had this talk.

He also let me know that I would have to learn how to hold the baby and not drop her. And when ever I decided to lear to help feed and change her I could get Tina to show me how to do it correctly.

I wanted to know if she would be sharing my room with me and if she would be playing with my toys.

Poppy said I would have to be more careful with the small toys that go with my Barbie Dolls and with my Shopkins and other toys that are small to keep them put up when she is in my room because she may pick them up and put them in her mouth and that that could be dangerous for her.

I see and understand that I will have a lot to learn, but I am so thankful that I have someone that I can come to that is willing to spend time to answer any questions that I may have.

That's why I love you so much Poppy,

Love Chloe