Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Friday, August 27, 2010

Poem ~ Dear Father,

Dear Father,

In this rented room, alone except for Thee,

I long to have a visit, and hear Thee really speak to me.

Thou knowest all the future, the present and the past,

How sweet it is to lean on Thee, to trust and just relax.

There is so much to thank Thee for, my blessings can't be numbered

For knowledge of Thy Truth and Way, for health and joys by hundreds.

For a place among the reapers, in this land so far from home,

The privilege to teach souls of the One who claimed me for His own.

From my little window, the milling throng I see,

And wonder if Thou wert here Lord, what Thy attitude would be.

I know that Thou would'st love them and gladly give Thine all,

O' give me courage to do the same, until evening shadows fall.

Today, my thoughts turn backward to twenty-one years ago,

The day I joined my companion, my small life to sow.

I thank Thee for Thy keeping, Thy forgiveness and Thy love,

And every time Thou hast given a vision of things above.

Today, afresh O' Father, I long to commit my all,

To place it upon the altar, to be consumed, what e're befall.

It seems so small, so useless, what I have to give to Thee,

But Father, pray accept it, it is my earnest plea.

Thy voice of sweet assurance has reached my longing heart,

So sweet to hear Thee whisper, "I'll help thee to do thy part.

I'll keep thee where thou goest, through joy, or pain or woe,

And no matter how deep the waters, they will never overflow."

By Doris McCrae In Morioka, Iwate Ken, Japan September 7, 1959