Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Little Girl Is Growing Up

Chloe has always wanted to pick out her own clothes to wear ever since she was about two years old. She know how to match her clothes with other pieces and she knows what colors look good together.

In the past we have purchased clothes for Chloe and are later disappointed that she never wants to wear them. One time my wife pick out a long dress for her with smocking around the collar. She didn't like the dress because it had green in it. Another time we bought her a green corduroy dress with pink accents on it and she would wear it just a few times.

Since then we have let her choose the dresses that she likes, because then we know that she will wear them.

On our lost shopping trip we looked at several dresses before she found one that was acceptable to her. It was an A-line dress with a narrow belt in black with white polka dots and pink trim. She also said that she needed some new shoes to go with her dress but they couldn't have a strap across the for like little girls and old ladies wear. So she finally found a pair of Pink Slippers with an heart across the toe.

She asked me if I thought that they made her look older and I said yes and she smiled and was pleased that she had achieved the results that she was aiming for. I asked her was she going to wear hose with her shoes of socks like she usually does. She said, "Poppy a girl has to try on her outfit together to make that decision." Well excuse me, hahaha seven going on thirteen.

I teased her and said she looked like a young lady but that she was sitting like a little girl slouching in the chair. She said, "Ok I can do a better picture how about this."

Chloe this is much better but what happened to the smile. She said, Poppy have you ever had a day when everything was just not right. I smiled and knew that yes more days than I ever wanted to remember.

Well we finally got the smile and she has achieved what she set out to do and our little grand-daughter is growing up before our eyes.

We are thankful that she still likes to be our little girl sometimes still.