Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, December 6, 2015

But, Poppy I Want The Elsa Doll

It is getting close to Christmas and we are thinking of what to get Chloe for Christmas. She likes so many different things, that it makes the decision that munch harder.

We know that her Mimi and her mother will buy her Barbie Dolls, because this is the type of doll they both grew up with.

We have gotten her into baby dolls at out house and she has grown to love them very much.

All little children are swayed by what they see in Movies that they attend or from shows on the TV.

Chloe and her mother have seen the movie Frozen and she loves Elsa best.

One day a few weeks ago we were at the grocery store and she wanted to stroll through the Christmas area in the store. They had toys of every type that would interest boys and girls but it didn't take long for Chloe to spot an Elsa doll. This doll was a stuffed soft doll in a beautiful dress with hair that was braided out of material and her slippers were sewn on her feet and they looked like silk.

Of course she wanted it upon seeing it and I said that maybe she should wait until Christmas, because it was just a few weeks away.

She talked me into letting her carry it while we shopped. As I was shopping I could hear her talking to the doll and they were quickly becoming best of friends. I knew that I had to remind her that we were not buying her tonight, I was just letting her carry it while we were shopping.

She said that she understood the deal and she had know problem with that, but maybe Santa could bring it to her at our house.

Later she came up with another solution.

Poppy, if I make four 100's on my school papers will you buy me this doll. I was surprised that she had thought this through on her own and I agreed with her on her deal.

We checked out of the store with our purchases and as we were heading home she had started thinking that they only had three dolls like this one left and if I waited too long they would be gone.

I explained to her that we had made a promise to each other and that we would stick to that promise.

On Saturday evening when her mother came to pick her up she told her mother of the promise that she had made with me to get the doll.

On Wednesday of the following week I got a call from Chloe. The first thing that she asked me was did I remember our promise. I said that I did, and she said that the next day they were out of school and could she come over to my house. I said I would be glad to have her. When she got there the next morning the first thing that she showed to me was five school papers each with 100 on them. Poppy, I held up my side of the bargain plus one. I said that we needed to go to the store and get her doll.

When we got to the store she searched all over for the doll and there was not one to be found. So I started to move some other toys around and we found four of the dolls to choose from. She looked all of the dolls over choosing one over the other for anything that didn't pass her inspection finally settling on her doll.

When we got to the checkout she had to tell the cashier how she came to earn the doll and she was so proud of the challenge that she had set to get this doll.

She may be only eight but she has the mind of someone much older.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Little Annie Is Ready To Go Trick A Treating

It was such a big surprise what Chloe was going to be for Halloween. She kept Grand Mother and I in suspense until the day of Halloween of what she was going to dress up as.

Several days ago she had gone shopping with us an purchased a Cleopatra outfit that she wanted to have to play when she comes over to our house.

It didn't take her long to choose the outfit that she wanted and she couldn't wait until she couldn't wait until she got home to try it on.

She looks so precious in her new costume and she really got into the part of Cleopatra.

Well Halloween finally came and then her mother went to work to get her ready to go trick-a-treating.

Her mother dressed as a witch and she was dressed as Annie, complete with the red hair.

They make a precious pair of Trick-A-Treaters don't they, we could hardly recognize here but the smile was still there.

Well neighbors she is all ready to fill her pumpkin with treats to fill her sweet tooth for many days to come.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner

Halloween is one of our grand daughter's favorite Holiday's. She can't wait until it arrives every year and as soon as it passes, she will start asking how long will it be before it comes again.

She loves to pick out a pumpkin and to decorate for the day and to eat the candy that we get for the trick a treaters.

This year we went to Kroger's to pick out a pumpkin.

She had so many to choose from that it was hard to make up her mind for the one that she wanted and then she saw the mums and the other decorations. It almost became to much to comprehend at one time.

I asked her to turn around while she was trying to make up her mind, so I could get a picture of her in front of all the pumpkins.

She decided that she would wait until she had gone into the store and looked at all if the other Halloween decorations and outfits before she would make up her mind,

Of course they had more pumpkins inside for her to choose from, as well as candied apples.

She wanted me to take pictures of the festive decorations set up in the store to put you in mind that it was now fall and the Holiday's are all just around the corner.

She likes going to this store as it is closer to our house and smaller than the one we usually go to.

She is still small enough that she loves to be pushed in a buggy when she is with us shopping, so Grand Mother had the honor of pushing her through the store.

It didn't take long to reach the Halloween section where she quickly got out of the cart to check out everything in this section.

They had candy of every kind, holiday costumes and all types of decorations for the house and your yard. We (Poppy and Grandmother aren't into the decorating like they do at her house, but that didn't stop her from looking at everything.

I put on a few mask to try and scare her but she said, "I'm not scared because I know it's you (Poppy) under that mask.

Well it was fun trying...,

She found her a purple wig and a hatchet that she liked.

She wanted to demenstrate how it was used years ago...

I said don't swing it around in here because you could knock something off of the shelf, or worse yet, hit someone.

So she continued to shop through everything that they had for sale.

We finally made it out of the Halloween section and when we got to the frozen food section she comes running up to me and told me that she was guarding me to keep me from harm.

She let me know that the enemy was approaching (Grandmother) and she had to protect me. Aren't grand children the greatest.

As we went to check out we had to pass the Halloween section and of course she had to check it out again.

She wanted to not leave the store until she bought something, but again there was so much that she couldn't make up her mind.

Finally after deciding that she would settle for a pack of candy, she was ready to leave for the evening.

I know that days like this are "Special," and it won't be long and she will be grown up. By posting this she will have something to look back on and remember the special days she had growin
g up and spending time with her Poppy and Grandmother.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Made It Through Another Week At School And It's Finally Friday!

I love school, don't get me wrong, but as the week progresses and Friday draws closer I get a little excited, Ok, maybe a lot excited.

I can't wait to see what Poppy has planned for this weekend. Will we be going to the Splash Park, or maybe McDonalds or the Mall or The Park, or the Zoo. I guess I will just have to wait and see, I got to see him on Wednesday and we went to McDonalds and I played with my friends and I promised them that I would be back on Friday. We were playing in our Girls Club that we had made at McDonalds.

Poppy asked me where do I want to go today and I said McDonalds, because I had promised my friends on Wednesday that I would be there on Friday.

So off to McDonalds we headed...., I'll tell you all about it later.

My Little Doggie

I can't remember how long it has been now since I started wanting a little puppy.

I know, they say people never change their mind about their desire between cats and dogs but I may be the first one that you will know.

I have always grown up around cats and even though I have loved them, it has been the other hand it has been hard for them to let me pet them and hug them because they only want to be touched when they want to be.

Now dogs, are  a different story all-together. They will let you hug them, rub them, feed them, play with them and they are like having a little friend with you all the time.

I asked my Poppy to get me a puppy after Pop got a new dog a few years ago. He had several dogs but they were all older and they would let you hung and feed them and pet them but they were to old to run and play. When Pop got Sky that all changed and we have grown up together these last few years and this has made me to want a puppy.

Well we went to the dog pound to try and find a puppy but all we found were large dogs that would not work out for me.

My Aunt has a small dog that is just the right size except that he barks all of the time. Now that is something that would would take getting used to.

Every week I ask Poppy if I can get a dog and he always tells me, "Maybe later."

MAYBE LATER, I want one while I am little not to have to wait until I am bigger, after all I am eight years old!! Doesn't that help in any way.

Well I got me a puppy sorta.., My Aunt Emily brought it over to me in a small carrying bag all of it's own.

The Oil Can

I'm just a little oil can
On the Masters bench I lie,
I'm happy and so thankful
For the help I can supply.

I cannot do important work
Like chisel, plane and saw,
But yet the Master uses me
To be a help to all.

The Master often fills me
Or useless I would be,
For I'm only a little oil can
As everyone can see.

The only virtue I possess.
You'll find it in the oil.
Which I convey to others
To help them in their toil.

I pour the oil onto the tools
At the touch of the Master's hand;
It makes them run more smoothly
As you can understand.

Author Unknown

He wants to have me near Him
So He can quickly use The oil
He has put within me
In the way that He would choose.

Little Things

In little things we prove our love to Jesus;
In little things He proves His love to us;
In little things He longs to see us faithful;
In little things He needs those He can trust.

It is the little tests that make the daily battle,
And little victories we can surely win.
If little in ourselves the Lord can help us
To be a little comfort now to Him.

It is the little foxes, so the Father tells us,
That spoil the precious vine, the tender grapes,
The tender little life committed to us
Where lowly we have entered through the gate.

And lessons in the Book are given
To help the little one upon the earth,
The little ant, the spider, and the locust,
Their little lessons teach us priceless wealth.

A little place to each of us is given
In which to faithful be while here on earth,
If we will fill a little place in Heaven,
Stand true to God who has begun to work.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Second Grade

A new school year has started again and she is in the Second Grade.

She loves her new teacher and her classmates. Some of the classmates are her friends from the first grade and others are new to her this year.

She is excited and working hard each day to get an owl because with five for the week she get to choose something from the surprise box. They also have a jar and for everything that you do like homework and etc. you get a marble from the teacher and when you get 25 in your jar you get something "Special." It could be a longer recess, you get to read in class, among many other things.

The other day I was looking through her backpack and saw a picture that I had colored. I asked her why she was carrying it in her back pack. "Poppy, I take it and during the day whenever I need a boost I look at it and think of you and everything is ok." Ohhh.......that's so special.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Visit To The Splash Park

Our town just opened a "Spash Park" this Summer. It is something that was needed in the community for the children to enjoy the hottest days of Summer and stay cool while playing outside.

When we told Chloe about it she wanted to go right then but as it was late in the evening she had to wait until the next day.

I could tell that she was going to enjoy it as soon as she got her feet wet when we arrived. There are fountains that come up from the floor to coll you off as you walk around. Their is a wading area around the edges so that you can keep cool instead of walking on the hot concrete.

As I set on the bench at the edge, she loved to come by and kick up the water to "keep me cool" as I sat there and watched her have fun.

There are several tables for families to sit at out of the sun and two large tents over two picnic tables.

In the middle of the "Splash Park" is a slide for kids 4-8 to slide down and it has water coming down the slide as you slide down. The Roof has water running off to get you wet as you walk past.

I was glad that we had thought to bring a couple of cups of ice with us so that as the ice melted we had some cold water to drink.

The Water "Jet Streams" that are around the edges keep the astroturf wet and offer a cool spray of water to play in. Chloe loved to weave in and out of these streams of water as she played.

I think sh really enjoyed the slide because she kept going back to slide down it. She told me later that this was an easy to cool down from the sun.

The lady in the black was watching her little son as he played and she didn't want to get wet as she watched him. As she was standing here waiting for him to use the slide the large bucket spray brimmed over and she got a drenching as she waited in line. I'm sorry, but it was so funny I had to laugh.

Well it is starting to get very hot and since the wristbands are good for the whole day, I think that we will go home and come back later in the evening when it gets a little less hot.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Well it's that time of year again..,

We celebrate this year forty-three years of marriage. Where have all of the years gone.

Back in 1972 I married the love of my life and we have stayed together for forty-three years.

As I look back on the years some have been hard and others have been easy but every year has been worth it. Not only have I gotten to spend them with my best friend but we had our son David to enjoy raising along the way and to watch him grow into a man and a father.

And to have a grand child that is the greatest thing that any parent could have. Now we know why grandparents are so special. The get to enjoy their children all over again through the eyes of their grand child.

I just hope that I can be healthy for the coming years to enjoy them with our little family and see what the years ahead will be for us.

I love you Honey with all of my heart

Love Always and Forever

Teddy Bear

Happy Birthday

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone and I must have been asleep and forgot to post it on her birth date.

Last month our little precious granddaughter turned eight. Where has all of the time gone, it just seems like yesterday she was just a baby.

Yes, It has been fun watching her grow up and the many memories we have created together. I know what she likes to eat, play, read, wear and what makes her smile.

Whenever her daddy walks into the room I become extinct and he is the light in her eyes and he makes the smile on her face.

Her mother had her birthday party at Incredible Pizza again this year and she was all excited as if it was the first time to ever go there. She loves to ride all of the rides with her friends and especially with her daddy.

Her dad arrived a little after most had already gotten there and she had questioned how he would know which room we were having her party in. I put her at ease, explaining that he would know where to come and find her. Chloe's,  Aunt Emily called for her to come outside of the door for something and when she came back in she was in her daddy's arms.

We all set down to enjoy the party that was planned for Chloe with her friends and family. What more could a little girl want on her "Special Day," but pizza, birthday presents, friends and family and all of the fun rides and games to play.

She could hardly eat because she was so excited when she saw the table behind her covered in presents. She was ready to open them and she what she had received.

Chloe and her daddy look like twins with a few years difference in ages. The are so much alike it is incredible to watch.

Chloe other Papaw and Grand maw and cousin arrive from Mississippi and the party can began. Mommy puts the candles on the cake so it will be ready after everyone has eaten.

Papaw and Grand maw are sitting by watching after the presents as they enjoy their pizza.

Grandmother is sitting across the table from Chloe and David (daddy). She looks like she is going to enjoy her salad before she eats her pizza.

It time to light the candles on the cake and blow them out and make a "Birthday Wish." This year she wanted a cake for a Princess, with a crown, wand and rings. It had to be a white cake with white icing and pink trim. I think that the bakery got it exactly right for the Birthday Girl.

Well I blew out the candles in one blow so my wish will surely come true, at least I hope it will. So, now Mommy can cut the cake and I can sink my teeth into some of that icing.

Chloe, you can't play with the crown, wand and rings until we rinse them off. Mommy all I want to do is eat all of the icing off of them before you go and wash them. Everyone in my family knows how much I love icing from any cake. Chloe you sure have a lot of bling on your fingers from those Princess rings.

Chloe showing Lillie her Princess rings.

She finally found some time to eat a piece of cake, I don't think that she ate any pizza because she was so excited.

Whispering in her daddies ear letting him in on her secret wish when she blew out the candles.

Poppy!!, Take a picture of me and my daddy so everyone can see how happy I was on my Birthday. This has been one happy day so far and we haven't even opened the presents. Just like you always say Poppy, "the presents are like the icing on the cake."

Chloe wanted to open Daddy's present to her first. She said that daddy always knows how to get presents that I like, it just like he read my mind. (after all they are twins, just a few years apart).
Daddy got her a Barbie play set and not one but two Barbie dolls and a few other thinks. Daddy I can't wait to play with my new girls and their make-up room. Thank-you daddy and as always you picked out just what I wanted.

Another Barbie doll, You are going to have to get another Barbie house for all of these Barbie dolls. Her Mimi and her Mommy and now Chloe is into Barbie dolls. She has quite the setup, being the third generation of Barbie dolls. She has plenty of clothes and furniture, cars and limos and all of the accessories. What more could a little girl want? Just a few more Barbie things.

She has been so excited to learn to read this year that she wanted to read each card that was given to her and Lillie was there to help her on words that she didn't know. Whenever she found money in a card she got real excited and then told mommy to add it to her bank for later.

She finally got down to opening her last gift and she got another doll, like the dolls that she plays with at our house. She said well, whenever I get tired of playing Barbies which is rare I can play with my larger Princess doll. "Thank You" everyone for coming to my "Birthday Party" and helping me have a "Special Day." I have received much love and gifts today. Thanks for the dolls, books, games, money, arts and crafts, clothes.

It has been an awesome party with my friends and two sets of grandparents. My cousin Abby got to come Aunt Emily and Uncle John, Lillie and her mother, Mr. Mike our neighbor, Mimi, Mommy and Daddy. What a special day!! Well daddy are you ready to go and check out the rides and games?