Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Little Miss Priss

I asked Chloe "why do you have your sunglasses on while you are brushing your teeth." and she replied, " can't you see that the lights are very bright."

She has been picking out her clothes that she wants to wear each day since she was two and as you can see her personality comes thru.

Poppy, " I can see you thru the mirror and I don't even have to turn around. Isn't that cool!!

"Hey Poppy," Did I do a great job when I brushed my hair?"

"Ok," I'm ready, let's go and play in the Living Room.

The New Year Train

We were wanting to get Chloe a Ginger Bread House for Christmas to decorate, but decided to wait until they went on sale after Christmas. When we went to the store to buy them the ones that we looked at the boxes were damaged and some of the candy was missing. There was one New Year Train and we put it in our basket and continued to shop. When we got in line at the check-out I took the train out of the basket, because I thought that Chloe would rather have a Ginger Bread House instead.

The next evening Aunt Emily called and said that she had a surprise for Chloe and they were coming over with it. When they arrived (Uncle John & Aunt Emily) they let Chloe have her surprise.

Her surprise was the New Year Train, and she was so excited that she wanted to open it and make it. We explained that it was her bedtime and we would do it Saturday morning.

At 6:30 a.m. she wakes up ready to assemble the Ginger Bread Train. I could hear Grandmother tell her that it was to early, "go back to sleep and we will make it later in the morning." Well as you probably already have guessed we got ready to make the New Year Train.

We opened up the box and read the directions:

Then we separated the Ginger Bread pieces:

We put all of the candy packets together:

Then Chloe got the icing bags and squeezed it around with her hands and fingers to make the icing soft.

I got Chloe to gather up all the pieces that had a dot on them so that we could assemble the caboose. We got the base out and squeezed the green icing into the base where the caboose was going to be placed and took the icing and iced the end pieces to build the caboose.

We continued the same process and built the Engine.

We started to trim the train out with the green icing and the white icing.

After the trim was completed the Chloe added the candy to the train.

We finally finished the Train, after Chloe ate some of the icing and candy and her fingers were almost stuck together.

I have to say that it was fun to do and not to bad of a job for an old Poppy and his four and a half year old Grand Daughter.

A job well done and a finished New Year's Train.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Thank Thee Lord

This was written by Ken Paginton quite a long time ago. He wrote several poems and several hymns. He labored in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. He passed away quite a few years ago. I recently received this and wanted to pass it on in case you have not seen it. If you have seen it I’m sure it will be refreshing again.

Fellowship, I Thank Thee Lord.

For those who seek to help me in my way
Who speak my name when ‘er they go to pray
Who have for me a love that’s pure and true,
Who seek to show me what is right to do.
For those who seek my daily load to share,
Who have for me a true and tender care.
Whose hearts are glad when my own joy is deep
Whose tears have flowed when I had cause to weep.

For those who sit with me at Jesus’ feet
With whom my fellowship is pure and sweet
Who seek to share my hopes and joys and fears,
Who spur me on to face the coming years.

For those who in the secret place, alone,
Surrender all each day before Thy throne.
Striving to lift the standard up on high,
Knowing the corn of wheat must fall and die.

For all the love that has its source in Thee,
For ties more strong than human ties can be.
For every heart in harmony with thine,
And that can beat in sympathy with mine.

Let me be true, my Saviour, unto Thee,
And unto those who mean so much to me.
Cleansed by the blood, united by Thy Grace.
Grant us, one day, to see Thee face to face.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts From Chloe'

The other day Chloe was talking to her Grand Mother and she said, " When I turn five I will be grown up and then I will put you and Poppy on the counter in the kitchen and you can help me cook."

Upon hearing this, I asked her how could she lift me and Grand Mother up to put us on the counter. Her reply was, "Since I'm going to bigger ya'll are going to be smaller."

The other day we were coloring together at the table and she wanted to see the page that I was coloring. Her reply to me was, " Poppy, don't you know that you are supposed to stay in the lines.

We were talking a few days ago and she was singing loudly and Debby and I were talking to each other and we had to talk louder than normal to be heard over her singing. She turns to us and said, you talk louder outside with your outside voice and quieter inside with your inside voice.

One day last week she was playing in her little kitchen and she was cooking me some make believe beans. She said, "Poppy I didn't put any pepper in them cause it will constipate you." I asked her what did constipation mean, and she looked at me and said, "Poppy it means stopped up.

One day we were getting ready for meeting and Grand Mother had already gotten her dressed. She came to me and said, "Poppy, Grandmother doesn't know that brown shoes don't go with a green dress.