Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Monday, September 29, 2014

In Memory Of George P. Moseley

George Moseley Obituary
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Monday, September 29, 2014
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Memphis Funeral Home
Memphis, Tennessee
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Memphis Funeral Home
Memphis, Tennessee
In Memory of

George Phillips Moseley

December 7, 1916 - September 27, 2014

George Phillips Moseley was born on December 7, 1916 in Weakley County Tennessee, and died on Friday September 26, 2014 at the age of 97. He was preceded in death by his parents Ella Lee Moseley and George Leonard Moseley, and his wife Virginia Roberts Moseley. He was the oldest of seven siblings and survived them all. He leaves behind his sons, George Noell Moseley (Betsy) and James Roberts Moseley (Jeanice.) He also leaves six grandchildren Carol Moseley Ross (Julian), George Paul Moseley (Deborah), Daniel Robert Moseley (Elizabeth), Katharine Ann Moseley, Kerry Moseley (Michelle), and Virginia Fay Moseley. In addition he had six great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren. George served in the Army Air Corps during World War II in the European Theater- Africa and Italy. His working career was in the animal feed industry. He started as office boy for the Quaker Oats Company in Memphis and worked his way up to Regional Sales Manager before the animal feed division was sold to Continental Grain. He was active in the Sales Executive Club of Memphis during his career and served as a director of the MidSouth Fair. Following his retirement he worked as a consultant and later volunteered at Saint Francis Hospital. He was very active in his church and had a strong Christian faith. Visitation will be held on Monday, September 29 from 5PM - 8 PM. The funeral service will be held Tuesday, September 30 beginning at 2PM and all services will be held at the Memphis Funeral Home, 5599 Poplar Avenue. Burial with military honors will follow at Memorial Park Cemetery. The family requests memorials be sent to the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society . Online condolences and floral tributes me be expressed through www.memphisfuneralhome.net.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let's Go To Taco Bell

Usually every weekend we ask Chloe where she wants to go and eat. It is usually McDonald's, Wendy's, Chinese Food, or Captain D's. She loves the indoor playground at McDonald's and at Wendy's she loves their drink machine that has over 101 flavor combinations of fountain drinks. She loves the Chinese Restaurant for their shrimp and it also had a large fish tank that she is fascinated with. And at Captain D's she loves their fried shrimp and the Mr. Pibbs drink that tastes like Dr. Pepper.

But today she tells us that she wants to go to Taco Bell and sit up on the tall seats and have herself a Taco.
O explained to her that yes we would go and that she could sit in the tall seats even if we couldn't because we are older but, she had to eat what she ordered.

She gets her taco and it looks as big as she is almost and proceeds to eat it while we all sat up in the tall chairs.

Debby and I are both surprised as she is eating her taco. Normally she will only eat her food plain with just cheese added and no food mixed together. But she is hungry and sh is enjoying her taco.

She decides during her meal that she wants to sit across from us so we move her food and she sit across from us.

This is much better we can sit and talk and eat and enjoy our meal much better.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Adventure At Pop's House

One day of last weekend we went to Pop's and Great Grandmother's house for a visit. She always loves to go and see what new adventure she can have while she is there.

After playing with the dogs and feeding the horses some bread at the gate and checking on Pop's baby calves she was ready to run and play.

She got into the pantry and made use of the aluminum foil to make her a crown and cuffs for her wrist to become a "Wonder Woman" Princess.

She set the table for lunch and helped Pop get Great-Grandmother to the table.

She helped feed Great-grandmother her lunch. She loves to feed her, and is so gentle when she is doing this. She also like to sneak and feed her a small candy bar which great-grandmother enjoys. She once said, I do this because if she could walk she would get one for herself and give me one to so I just do for her what she can't do. The wisdom of a little thoughtful little girl.

She loves to hear great-grandmother tell about what she did when she was a little girl and when she would cook for her family. Even though she has heard it before she still wants to hear it again.

The she tell me, "Poppy let's go have an adventure outside." In other words lets see what I can get into. Aunt Emily come up with two water guns full of water and said. Why don't you try these out outside?

It didn't take her long to get the hand of using them and get me all wet.

She couldn't fill it up fast enough to get me wet some more.

Some adventure she had outdoors, she had all of the fun of getting me wet from head to toe. But after all what is wrong with a little shower out in the heat of the hot sun. She has fun and I got soaked.

Her New School And First Grade

It seemed that she would never get old enough to be in first grade, but to us it comes far to soon. Our little grand daughter is growing up far to quick.

Her mother put her in a new school this year and now she is much closer to home and for us to pick her up.

I couldn't wait until Friday to pick her up and to hear her tell me all about her new school and her new friends. It turned out that I didn't have to wait  until Friday to pick her up. Her mom called and asked could I pick her up on her first day and I was so glad for the opportunity. As a grand parent we are glad for all opportunities.

I thought that I was getting there early so I could be in the front of the line, but others must have had the same idea and the line was quite long.

The line was already almost out in the street when I got there and I really wasn't sure where I would pick her up. After watching for a while I noticed where the front of the line began and where the kids would line up for pick-up. When the bell rang I knew it wouldn't be much longer and she would be coming out. Her school go to the first grade and as they came out and formed groups of each class standing together with their teachers then security started directing the line of cars to move along smoothly to get their kids. Finally it was my turn and her teacher brought her out to our car.
 As soon as she got into the car and had her seat belt the excitement of a first day at school began.

Poppy, "I am so glad that you got to pick me up my first day this is so special." If she only knew how "Special" this day was for me, and I didn't have to wait all week to hear her tell me about her first day.

I told her she looked so precious in her uniform when she let me know that she had several options to choose from every day. This was a change from the jumper all week and pants and tee shirt on Friday and she got to make a choice each day what she wanted to wear.

As she got settled into the car she was all smiles and I knew that she loved her new school and I couldn't wait to hear all about her first day.

As soon as we started leaving school she was so excited as she told me about her first day. She talked about her teacher and the class activities, assembly that was really long, the play ground and recess and her new friends and what all she had learned her first day.

As she talked about her first day, I knew that the new school was the right choice and that she was going to enjoy first grade and her new friends.