Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Warm Day In Winter

Lately it has been so cold outside that Chloe hasn't been able to go out and feed the ducks or play. This past weekend it was a nice sunny 70 degrees and she said that she wanted to feed her ducks. We got the bread and got her coat and went out on the deck to feed her ducks. She claims all of the ducks on the lake, because when she goes out to feed them bread, she will start quacking and the birds will fly from all points of the lake to our backyard. It's amazing how these birds respond to her call. One day some families were feeding them across the lake and she went out and called them and they left them to come and eat her bread.

After we feed the ducks their bread, she asked is she could play a little while. She would swing and then slide and then swing again. She loves for me to sit in front of her when she swings so that she can hit me with her feet when she swings. She feels like when this happens that she is really swinging high.

We had been outside for quite awhile and the wind was starting to get blow and we were getting some light sprinkles and I told her that we needed to go in. She exclaimed, "Poppy, I want to play a little bit longer." So she swang some more and the rain started coming down more and I said, Maybe we can make some of your favorite cookies when we go inside and she said, "maybe I need to go inside and make sure Grandma knows what to do."

After you mix all of the ingredients together, the best thing to do is to lick the spatchler. She loves this more that she does eating the cookies.

The cookies are all mixed together and read to scoup up to put on the cookie sheets.

Just about ready to go into the oven.