Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Saturday, August 27, 2016

First Week Of Soccer Practice

Two days of the week she has Soccer practice. The coach has fourth grade boys and third grade girls to train this year. When the team is ready the boys and the girls will be playing together.

It has been fun to watch them practicing. Some are experienced and many are just beginners. He is patient with each and every player.

Chloe said, "I have learned a lot in one week. We have learned defense, offense, how to move the ball, drop, kick and catch. How to kick the ball around the field and run at the same time. .How to run side ways around the Gym as well as regular running. When I get through with a practice I am tired but most of all I'm so hungry.

Well we have to learn quickly so that we will be ready for our first game next week.

First Week Of 3rd. Grade

Well the teachers survived their first week of having students back and Chloe survived as well.

She said , "I must be getting older, because Summer passed so fast, it seemed like it was only a couple of weeks off and back to school again.

She has really been looking forward to going back this year, and learning more. She loves school and is ready for what ever they can teach her.

This year she wants to play Soccer and is looking forward to being on the team.