Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She's Gone Country

Chloe has always been a "girlie girl" and never was one to go barefooted outside. Last Sunday we were at Pop's house and after meeting she wanted to go outside. I said ok, and I could get some pictures of her in her Sunday dress. I didn't notice until after I had taken the picture that she had taken her shoes off. When I asked her why, she responded, "that it sure cools your feet off when their hot."
I asked her what she had in her purse, she said, "Poppy girls don't tell boys what they have in their purses." I said but I'm your Poppy and you can tell me. O.K., "Well I have some make-up and a pencil and paper and some money that Mrs. Ann gave me."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Morning At The Park

Today, bright and early, Chloe remembers I promised her a trip to the Park. She is up and ready at 7:30 and rearing to go. We leave a little after eight and it looks like it will rain later in the morning and now is a great time to go. When we got to the Park we have it all to ourselves. Chloe wants to swing first...
and swing...
!!Poppy!!, swing me real high...
After swinging for a while she decides she want to play on the alligator...
I tell her, don't step on his nose he might bite you. She gives me that look and said, "Poppy, have you ever seen a real pink alligator."
I think we are finally rested and refreshed from swinging and playing on the alligator so now were off to the slides.
This Park has four slides and you "know it," she is going to slide on them all.
She is off to climb up.....
Then first to the big slide...
Look Poppy!! Here I go..
Down, Down...
And over again at a run. Where does all of this energy come from?
"Look Poppy," I can jog around this circle. Come on Poppy....
She climbs, slides, runs and swings over and over again....
and swings on her stomach...
She finally decides that she is getting tired and needs a break so she come over for a little cool down time.
First she wants her chocolate milk..
then some candy...
And then the little clown. She decides after resting that she is ready to go back home where it will be a lot cooler. So we go to the car and head toward home. We still have the rest of the day in front of us. As I drive home I wonder what we will do to fill up the next seven hours. I decide that she will find something for us to do, and as always were not disappointed. She keeps us busy staying young.

"I Can Do It"

Chloe has always been one to say, "I can do it," and really back it up with action until the job is completed. She doesn't just say it and start the job, but she stays with it until the job is complete. A few weeks ago I was getting the house cleaned for first Sunday meeting and as I started cleaning she wanted to help me dust and vacuum. I gave her a dust cloth and she starts to dust everything and she does a through job. ( I went behind her to check her process.) When I started to vacuum she wanted to take over the job.
She does her task at hand with such focus on detail, and she has been this way since she was almost two.
What amazes me is that sometimes to me the task is something major, but she takes it all in stride and pushes through.
A couple of weeks ago when we picked her up from Pre-K on Friday she announced that when she went to Great Grandmother's house on Sunday "she" was going to feed Great Grandmother her lunch. She knows that Great Grandmother can't feed herself and she has always feed her a snack or given her water but never fed her. After meeting she got everything out and set the table for lunch. She does an excellent job of the plates and silverware, but she will get more condiments for the table than needed. I thought that she would want to eat and then feed Great Grandmother some food, but no she pulled up her chair to G.Grandmothers and got the plate ready and after the blessing she started feeding her. She fed her, her complete meal. This was completed before she would even eat her own meal. I don't know who was more proud of the completed job, her or us. I know one thing for sure that G.Grandmother was very pleased. So now we come to this past weekend. We were sitting on the deck and Debby (Grandmother) said that the hedges looked like they could use a little trimming. I went and got the hedge clippers and extension cord, and Grandmother got the small hand clippers, broom and a bucket to put the clippings in so we could do the hedges. Chloe was playing in the yard and feeding her ducks so it was a great time to do the job at hand.
She is arguing with the geese to stay out of her yard that the bread that she has put out are for the ducks and the baby ducklings ONLY. The empty flower pot is her warning for the geese that she means business.
I think she finally heard the sound of the clippers and came up on the deck to investigate the job that we were doing, Grandmother and I and she tells grandmother, "I can do it" and grandmother shows her how to use the had clippers as well as instructing her on good safety habits when using them. She starts trimming the hedges that are sticking through onto the inside of the deck on both sides and then she takes the bucket for the clippings and turns it upside down for a stool so that she can work on the top of the hedges.
She starts on the top while I am trimming them on the ground, doing the front and sides. And I have to say she is doing a great job of it.
She goes about each job that she does with such gusto, that you would think that she was much older. I think back to when I was her age and I may have wanted to help but it wasn't long before something else got my attention.
We got the job completed, with much "Thanks" to my big helper. She had to sweep the deck and help put everything back in place. We finished with a "Job well done." I told Chloe that for her helping out that tomorrow morning we would go to the park.