Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner

Halloween is one of our grand daughter's favorite Holiday's. She can't wait until it arrives every year and as soon as it passes, she will start asking how long will it be before it comes again.

She loves to pick out a pumpkin and to decorate for the day and to eat the candy that we get for the trick a treaters.

This year we went to Kroger's to pick out a pumpkin.

She had so many to choose from that it was hard to make up her mind for the one that she wanted and then she saw the mums and the other decorations. It almost became to much to comprehend at one time.

I asked her to turn around while she was trying to make up her mind, so I could get a picture of her in front of all the pumpkins.

She decided that she would wait until she had gone into the store and looked at all if the other Halloween decorations and outfits before she would make up her mind,

Of course they had more pumpkins inside for her to choose from, as well as candied apples.

She wanted me to take pictures of the festive decorations set up in the store to put you in mind that it was now fall and the Holiday's are all just around the corner.

She likes going to this store as it is closer to our house and smaller than the one we usually go to.

She is still small enough that she loves to be pushed in a buggy when she is with us shopping, so Grand Mother had the honor of pushing her through the store.

It didn't take long to reach the Halloween section where she quickly got out of the cart to check out everything in this section.

They had candy of every kind, holiday costumes and all types of decorations for the house and your yard. We (Poppy and Grandmother aren't into the decorating like they do at her house, but that didn't stop her from looking at everything.

I put on a few mask to try and scare her but she said, "I'm not scared because I know it's you (Poppy) under that mask.

Well it was fun trying...,

She found her a purple wig and a hatchet that she liked.

She wanted to demenstrate how it was used years ago...

I said don't swing it around in here because you could knock something off of the shelf, or worse yet, hit someone.

So she continued to shop through everything that they had for sale.

We finally made it out of the Halloween section and when we got to the frozen food section she comes running up to me and told me that she was guarding me to keep me from harm.

She let me know that the enemy was approaching (Grandmother) and she had to protect me. Aren't grand children the greatest.

As we went to check out we had to pass the Halloween section and of course she had to check it out again.

She wanted to not leave the store until she bought something, but again there was so much that she couldn't make up her mind.

Finally after deciding that she would settle for a pack of candy, she was ready to leave for the evening.

I know that days like this are "Special," and it won't be long and she will be grown up. By posting this she will have something to look back on and remember the special days she had growin
g up and spending time with her Poppy and Grandmother.