Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pop's Little Helper

Chloe calls Pop's backyard and the back forty her big world. She loves to feed the horses and calves. This weekend she was busy with a little cart picking up small branches for Pop so that he wouldn't hit them with the lawnmower. (This was her idea, I'm going to help Pop out) Two of the horses were out in the yard eating grass and as she picked up the sticks she had one eye out for the horses so they didn't get to close without her knowing it. When they got close to her she would take a wide sweep of the yard picking up sticks along the way and then back to the cart.

Pop, took Chloe down to the barn to see the cows that were going to have calves. She is always ready to go to Pop's to enjoy the wide open spaces and to "Listen and Learn" whatever she can. She loves to carry on a conversation with him and Great Grandmother.

I'm sure that if I was closer to them, I could hear her firing questions at him about what she saw in the barn.

She loves all of Pop's cows and horses and especially Penny (the dog).

She told Pop that the cows needed some hay or bread to eat and that she could do it herself. So Pop showed here where the hay was and she got it to feed the cows with.
She saw some hay beside the fence on the ground and was going to pick it up as well and Pop said that, that hay was dirty. He explained that he had taken it out of the barn and it had some barnyard in it and that they couldn't eat that. To this she said, "Well I guess I'll just have to move it then.

Throwing hay thru the gate for the cows to eat.

On the way back to the house she noticed several chunks of wood close to the gate and exclaimed to Pop that she needed to put them in a stack for him out of the eay of the gate so he wouldn't fall on them.....so,

Hey Pop, Now we have a job, "Well Done."

Friday, July 20, 2012

"The Frosting Smile"

We went grocery shopping and Chloe loves to push the cart (buggy) and the now have smaller carts for when you shop for just a few items. The cart is just the right size for a child to push without being obnoxious. As we were shopping she found the area in the Bakery where the cakes and cookies are located. On the rack there were several cakes and cookies and on the top shelf there was a package of cupcakes with bright pink icing and Bumble Bees on them. She told Grandmother that she wanted them, so with a little persuasion we got the cupcakes.

As soon as we got home what do you think was the first thing that she wanted to eat!! Grandmother explained that after she had eaten her supper she could have a cupcake. This was one meal we didn't have to make her eat because she knew that she could have the cupcake when she finished.

Normally she will just eat the "icing" but today she ate the whole cupcake.

After wiping the icing from her face she still had pink teeth and a ...

pink tongue.

After she was finished eating she said, "Thank You for letting me get those cupcakes, it sure was delicious."

Just Say "Cheese"

We went out to have a late Lunch after picking up Chloe from School. She normally loves to either go to CiCi's or to Taco Bell's (the place with the orange seats)which is one of favorite colors. But today we went to Captain D's to have some fish.

While we were waiting on our food I decided to get some pictures before eating. Chloe loves to "ham it up" when she has her picture taken so...

I asked her to make sure that she smiled for me.

She exclaimed that for this picture she would pose for the camera. And then she said that she wanted to do a "Parfait" picture. I asked her what did she mean by this and she gave me that look as if to say, "Poppy what world are you living in."

She said, Poppy don't you know that "Parfait" is a perfect shot. When we got home I looked up the word for it's definition as I thought that it was a dessert and the definition said that it meant "Perfect." So as it was a perfect pose to her I then knew that she knew what she was talking about.

The mind of a five year old is much more advanced that what I ever remember when I was five years old.

Our Little "Southern Belle"

Chloe likes to pick out the clothes that she will wear for Sunday Meeting. So this week she said that she was going to wear her "Butterfly Dress."

She loves to go to meeting at Pops and after meeting spend time with her Pop and Great Grandmother.

I got a picture of her looking at her reflection in the door of the car.

She loves to wear her Dresses on Sunday and she acts like the little "Southern Belle" that she is. She was holding the dress at the skirt to make sure that it wasn't touching the ground.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Her Pink Room

Chloe has claimed one of the "bedrooms" as her bedroom. She calls it her pink bedroom, not because the room is pink but because the spread on the bed is pink. She loves to keep her room clean and organized.

On Sunday one of our friends brought some of their roses to Debby and Chloe exclaimed, "that they would look pretty in her room." So she put them on her bedside table and I have to say that they did look pretty there.

She loves all of her stuffed animals but only her bears get a "special seat" in her room.

I was organizing one of the closets and found this doilie and as it had some pink in it I was sure she would rather have it than the white one that was there. I put it on her desk and she came and told me when she saw it how much better it looked under the lamp.

Relaxing on the bed reading her favorite books.


Last weekend we were sitting at the table after eating lunch and Chloe was telling us about seeds and plants. What she had to say was very interesting and I was moved my watching her facial expressions as she talked. So as I had the camera close by I started to take her picture ash she was talking to us.

She told us how the seeds were put into the ground and then trees and plants came from them.

She said that for every person we needed trees to remove carbon from the air and as the leaves moved it made oxygen from the co2.

And how all the seeds, flowers, grass and trees made where we live a better place for us to live.

She expressed what her favorite plants were, and how in the winter that the trees looked "haunted."

She told us what her favorite colors of flowers were and that she had never seen a black or a brown flower.

When she was making a point we had to plant seeds and trees not only for beauty but also for making the earth better.

She said, "I love the smell of flowers, sunshine and the outdoors." She is a deep thinker and when she speaks we learn to grow as she grows. I am reminded again of here favorite saying. "Poppy, you have to Listen and Learn."