Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Friday, August 1, 2014

Her First Summer At The Beach

Chloe has wanted to go to the beach for a very long time. She would always talk about what she would do when she got there. She wanted to play in the waves and walk on the wet sand. Swim in the ocean and find her  some great sea shells. She also wants to build her a big sand castle.

Well her mom and her best friend from work decided that this summer that they would take their kids to the beach before school started back after summer break.

So for the whole summer Chloe has talked about her upcoming vacation.

Well, last Saturday as she was leaving our house she reminded me again of all the fun that they were going to have and all that they were going to carry with them.

After about eight hours on their trip they finally made it to their destination and checked into their hotel. They were all tired from the ride down but were all excited to be close to the beach. After unloading the SUV the kids wanted to go to the ocean and the beach so they could hardly wait to get ready.

Chloe is all ready for her first visit to the ocean and beach and can hardly wait for the others to get ready as well. I think this smile shows how she feels about the whole thing.

Well they finally get to the ocean and Chloe has her shovel and her fishing net so she can retrieve any shells that she finds.
She loves the ocean and the wet sand on her feet as she walks and plays in the sand. She is disappointed that she doesn't find any shells like everyone said that she would. She told her mom, "I knew that we should have come earlier in the summer, everyone has already been here and got all of the great sea shells!"

Even though she didn't find any shells she enjoyed her trip to the ocean she is ready and can't wait to go again.