Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Monday, April 27, 2015

A "Special Day"

I mostly visit my grand parents on the weekend but sometimes my mommy get's my Poppy to pic me up during the week and I call these my "Special Days."

Usually mommy or Mimi do this during the week but whenever Poppy does it is always treated by him as his "Special Day." We go to Sonic and I get me a small or large Slush in a different flavor each time that we go. One day Poppy took me and I asked them did they have a Coke Cola Slush and they said that they had never made one but they would make me one. This made my day just knowing that I was the first one to ask for a Coke Slush. This is what Poppy say's makes a "Special Day," things that we haven't ever done or things that are special to us. I think of it as thing that warm your heart inside and gives you goosebumps.

Poppy usually will take my picture when we are stopped at a red light and he never turns around he just snaps the picture and he doesn't see that I am making faces at his camera until he later looks at the picture. I just making his day "Special in my own way.

When we get to Pop's the first thing that I want to do is do my homework so Poppy can check it and make sure everything is correct and then the rest of the evening is mine and I don;'t have to worry late about doing my homework.

I'm doing my spelling homework and this week we are doing action verbs. Poppy said he didn't learn action verbs until he was in the third or fourth grade and I'm just in the first grade!

Poppy, I have finished writing out my spelling words and now I need you to give me the words and I will spell them back to you so that you will know that I know how to spell them. I asked her how long she had been working on these words and she said just today, but she spelled them all perfectly.

Now this is my math homework that I have to do and when I finish it you can check to make sure that I got them all correct.

Now I will read you one of my books and the we will be almost done.

She then showed me her marks for the classroom for each day and most were excellent with a couple of goods. I told her that if she got them to all excellent that I would buy her a new game for her Leapfrog. She said We have a deal let's make a pinkie deal that can't be broken. After shaking our little fingers in a handshake the deal was made.

As we were putting her papers and books back into her backpack I found this T-Shirt and I asked her why she hadn't shown it to me and she said it was a bragging T-Shirt and that she didn't want to wear it and brag and draw attention to herself. I told her if I had one I would be glad to be seen wearing it.

And as I always heard: A job worth doing is a job worth doing well and I think she was satisfied with her homework and glad that the rest of the afternoon was hers to enjoy.

Good Morning, Another Great Day!

Our little Princess is fast asleep after a busy day today, but it won't be long until her batteries are recharged and she will be ready to do it all over again, so we had better get us some rest as well so that we will be ready when she wakes up.

She is wide awake after a rest full night and ready for some bacon to get her engine started for the day ahead. Grandmother has been busy getting the bacon ready for Chloe to start her day.

The first thing that you have to do after waking up is have a fun time jumping on Poppy and Grandmother's bed. You haven't had a good jump unless you have gotten most of the cover and pillows on the floor because then you will here Poppy and Grandmother complain about the mess of the covers on the floor.

We're going to Pop's this morning and I know that I am going to have me some fun, petting and running with the dogs, jumping on the trampoline and who no's what else. Will just have to wait and see.

I'm already for this day what about you? I've got on my shades and play clothes and I just know that it is going to be a great day.

It looks like Sky and Penny's water bucket is dirty and they need some clean water to drink when we have rand an played, I know that they will be thirsty.

After cleaning it out I refilled it and put it back where they could find it.

Poppy, can I sit on Pop's John Deere Mower and you can take my picture so I can see how I look.

This is so cool, you sit up really high and you can see exactly where you are going. Hey it even has a reverse so you can drive backwards.

Hey ya'll, come quick and see who I found on the trampoline. Aunt Emily is trying to jump on it. She said if you take her picture don't put it on the internet.

She said that she got up there ok, but that she couldn't get back down. What I want to see is that when she jumps up and starts to come down her skirt will look like a big parachute. :-), ha ha, hee, :-).

Hey grandmother, when Pop posts this on the internet it might go down as the funniest lady on a trampoline on the internet, what do you think?

"Cousins Come A Visiting"

A couple of times each year the cousins come to visit their Pop and Chloe can't wait until they come.

Can we have a sleep over, or can I have a sleep over with them at Pop's house? What games are we going to play? Which ones are going to come this time? One question quickly follows another as the excitement starts to ramp up.


Yes, she has friends to play with here but to have your cousins to play with is something special indeed. Most of the cousins are girls and that suits Chloe just fine but she plays well with Logan and Aiden as well. They are all close in age but that doesn't matter she loves to play with them all.

Pop has horses, cows and a small farm in the city where they have plenty of room to play. We plat outdoors, Red Rover, Chase, Hide-n-seek, jump rope,  Red Light-Green Light, Ride Bikes and Scooters. They love to jump on the trampoline and run and play with the dogs and feed the horses and bottle feed the calves.

They all love Great Grandmother, but they all have a "Special Bond" with Pop because he has always been their for his children and their children and know he is still doing for this third generation. Grandmother's favorite saying is; When they all get to calling out Pop's name for his attention it sound like popcorn popping. Pop,! Pop,! Hey Pop, Pop.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another Fun Weekend With My Grandparents

Well it's Friday again and getting just about time to pick-up "Little Miss Priss," from school. She would like for me to always be the first car, but sometimes if your running a little late you end up in the middle of the line.
It is better than being in the back of the line but  she wants me up at the front so she gets to leave quicker.

As sheets into the car she tells me what she has planned for our weekend. Sometimes we get to strike all of the things from her list or the list keep getting changed by Chloe.

Whatever the list I'm ready to go with the flow.

Her little farm animals, "The Pink Pony," and "Chickie" her first Easter Chicken.

She always likes to play with the Barbie Dolls, and we decide what type of party that they are going to have and She has me to draw and color the artwork for "The Party." Most times as soon as we get one Party finished she is off to the races on another kind of Party. She likes to get her dolls ready for the "Red Carpet," or "The Cat Walk," so she keeps me busy making new props for each one.

"Grooming Chickie's Hair"

Some weekends she loves to just get out the crayons and paper and just sit and both of us color for a while or we will get out the puzzles and she will put them all together.

"Her backdrop of  "The Tall Trees" for Chickie.
This weekend she wanted to go through her toy boxes and check out all of her toys with batteries and replace the batteries that were needed. Afterwards we played with toys that she hadn't played with in years. It was so much fun to watch the expressions and happiness of playing with these older toys again.

Her "Butterfly" drawing

I suggested to her that maybe it was time to get rid of some of these toys so she would have room for other new toys. She gave me that look and then she said, "These toy's are part of our family and you don't get rid of your family do you!!" "No, you don't, was all I could say."

Miss Chickie making her entrance across the table with her new batteries.
Well when we got Miss Chickie's batteries in she had to see she could still walk across the table, and yes she did clucking as she went.

"Poppy, please take a selfie of me and Miss Chickie because I can't hold her and take our picture."

"Poppy, are you having as much fun as I am." "I sure am and I wouldn't trade this "Special Time' for anything else.

Well this day is just about over and we have covered a lot of ground. No we didn't sit at the table all day, we went out in the garage and she rode her bike and then she rode her scooter and then she wanted to play in the "Wobbly Chair" and then she got out the sidewalk chalk and the garage floor was her chalk board.

She finally decided to come back into the house and watch a film before getting ready for bed. I better get me some sleep because tomorrow she will be ready to start all over again.