Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Poppy And Chloe

On the weekends she like to do things that we have done over seven years growing up.

She loves to play with her Barbie dolls and since we don't have as much doll clothes and furniture and doll houses and doll cars as she does at home we have learned to improvise whenever we play at our house. Chloe is the director and designer and Poppy is the builder and follow up. If she needs a bed I set out to make the prop that she need for that moment. If she decides to have a part for what ever the occasion may be I am to do the artwork and make the mask and light sets for the dolls.

Sometimes she just wants to color, Pumpkins and witches for Halloween, Trees, Santa's, sleds, gifts, tree ropes for the tree for Christmas, Snow Flakes and snow people for January, Valentines for February and so on. Sometime we just freehand color or other times we color in a coloring book.

We may spend time watching a movie that she has brought from home.

We play hide-n-seek, read books, play in her room like she has a restaurant or a school room and I'm her student.

For that weekend or that day I transform back to a little lad and become her playmate and friend. It has to be hard growing up as the only child of an only child mom and dad.

I just glad that I'm able to do these thing with her and that she can enjoy a childhood filled with memories that will last her a lifetime. I don't know for sure who enjoys it more, her or me.