Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chloe' and Majorie's Tea Party

Last weekend we had the workers for several days. Chloe' was here and she enjoyed the visit as much as we did. Our workers are Majorie L. and Karen D. and Chloe' kept calling them the girls. Majorie asked Chloe did she remember their names. Chloe' said yes, "Majorie and Karen."

Chloe' was glad to have someone new to have her Tea Party with, because usually its with me (Poppy) and Chloe'.

Thanksgiving 2010

The Table Is Ready For Lunch

Giblet Gravy, Peas, Turkey and Ham

Green Bean and Sweet Potato Casseroles

Homemade Cornbread Dressing


Monday, November 29, 2010

Chloe' may only be three, but she knows what she wants to wear everyday when she is at our house. On Saturday night she told her Granaw that she wanted to wear her brown plaid dress for meeting on Sunday. She wanted to wear tights and not socks because she wanted to look like her Granaw.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happily married for 58 years.

Monday, October 18, 2010

This Earthly House

You tell me I am getting old – but that’s not really so,
The house I live in may be worn – and that, of course, I know;
It’s been in use a good long while and weathered many a gale,
I’m therefore not surprised to find it now is somewhat frail.

You tell me I am getting old, you mix my house and me –
You’re looking at the outside – that’s all that most folks see;
The dweller in the little house is bright and young and gay –
Just starting on a life that lasts through long Eternal day.

The color’s changing on the “roof,” the “window’s” looking dim;
The “wall’s” a bit transparent, and getting rather thin;
The “foundation’s” not so steady as once it used to be,
And that is all that you observe, but it’s not really me.

I patch the old house up a bit to make it last the night,
But soon I shall be flitting to my home of endless light.
I’m going to live forever there, my life goes on, it’s grand;
How can you say, I’m getting old? You do not understand.

These few short years can’t make me old, I feel I’m in my youth!
Eternity lies just ahead, full of life and joy and truth.
We will not fret to see this house grow shabby day by day,
But look ahead to our new “Home” which never will decay.

I want to be made fit to dwell in that blest house above,
Cleansed in the precious blood of Christ, and growing still in love.
The beauty of that glorious home, no words can ever say –
‘Tis hidden from these mortal eyes, but kept for us someday!

My house is getting ready in the land beyond the sky,
It’s Architect and Builder is my Saviour on High,
But I rather think He’s leaving the furnishing to me –
So it’s “treasure up in Heaven” I must store each day you see.

By Jack Jackson Heb 10:11 (circa 1952 or 1955 Durban)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Little Secretary

Chloe' loves to play at the computer and the calculator. She said, That she is a secretary and she is busy as a bee at her desk. The other day I came into the room using the vacuum cleaner and she said, "Poppy you need to be quite, I'm talking to the boss on the phone".

I was amazed at her conversation, when I was three I didn't know what a secretary was or even a boss although I had plenty off bossy sibblings.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

She's Growing Up

Chloe let's us know that she is a big girl and not a baby. She wants to help set the table and when we are finished eating she wants to help clear the table. We hope that this is not a passing phase.

She is only three years old but has the wisdom of an older child. This could be, because she spends alot of her time around adults, except when she is in pre-school.

If she hears you talking about going somewhere, you can watch the door because she will have her bags and be ready to go.

She loves to take care of all of her dolls and stuffed animals. She is quite the little mother hen when it comes to playing dolls.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Poem ~ Dear Father,

Dear Father,

In this rented room, alone except for Thee,

I long to have a visit, and hear Thee really speak to me.

Thou knowest all the future, the present and the past,

How sweet it is to lean on Thee, to trust and just relax.

There is so much to thank Thee for, my blessings can't be numbered

For knowledge of Thy Truth and Way, for health and joys by hundreds.

For a place among the reapers, in this land so far from home,

The privilege to teach souls of the One who claimed me for His own.

From my little window, the milling throng I see,

And wonder if Thou wert here Lord, what Thy attitude would be.

I know that Thou would'st love them and gladly give Thine all,

O' give me courage to do the same, until evening shadows fall.

Today, my thoughts turn backward to twenty-one years ago,

The day I joined my companion, my small life to sow.

I thank Thee for Thy keeping, Thy forgiveness and Thy love,

And every time Thou hast given a vision of things above.

Today, afresh O' Father, I long to commit my all,

To place it upon the altar, to be consumed, what e're befall.

It seems so small, so useless, what I have to give to Thee,

But Father, pray accept it, it is my earnest plea.

Thy voice of sweet assurance has reached my longing heart,

So sweet to hear Thee whisper, "I'll help thee to do thy part.

I'll keep thee where thou goest, through joy, or pain or woe,

And no matter how deep the waters, they will never overflow."

By Doris McCrae In Morioka, Iwate Ken, Japan September 7, 1959

Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Grains Of Corn

A farmer dropped two grains of corn
In the cold, dry earth one April morn.
Together they fell in their cheerless bed,
And the earth fell lightly overhead.
"Oh, cruel fate!" cried one in fear,
"What evil chance has brought us here!
'Tis not meant that such as I
Fall in the ground to waste and die.
Within this stone a nice, dry shelf
Invites me to take care of self."

The warm sun shone and the soft rain fell;
The grain in the earth began to swell.
The wise one cried from its snug retreat,
"How prudent am I--no rain, nor heat
Can reach me here. I'm safe as at first,
While you, poor thing, look ready to burst.
You owe a duty to yourself;
There's room for two on this dry shelf.
Come out of the earth so close and wet,
Perhaps you may save yourself yet."

"Nay," cried the other one from the earth,
"Only from pain and death come birth.
Of such as we spake the Holy One,
'Except it die, it abideth alone.'
But if some seed of common grain
Die in the earth, its death is not vain
So let me yield in patient trust
To the hand that laid me in the dust."

September's fields lie brown and sere;
Now comes the full corn in the ear.
The one that died in the darksome mold
Has yielded more than a hundredfold,
While the one that cared for itself so well
Dies there in the earth--an empty shell.

.... Gladys Porteous

Father I know that all my life is portioned out for me,
And the changes that are sure to come I do not fear to see,
But I ask Thee for a present mind intent on pleasing Thee.

I ask Thee for a thoughtful love thru constant watching wise,
To meet the glad with joyful smile and to wipe the weeping eyes,
And a heart at leisure from itself to soothe and sympathize.

I would not have the restless will that hurries to and fro
Seeking for some great thing to do or secret thing to know,
I would be treated as a child and guided as I go.

Wherever in the world I am, in whatsoe'er estate,
I have a fellowship of heart to keep and cultivate,
And a work of lowly love to do for the Lord on whom I wait.

So I ask Thee for the daily strength to none that ask denied,
And a mind to blend with outward things while keeping by Thy side.
Content to fill a little space...if Thou be glorified.

Source: From A Friend

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Birthday Girl!!

It doesn't seem right that she has turned three, it feels like only a few months ago, that she was just a little baby.

She told her Granaw that she wanted a pink cake and she wanted a pony. So Granaw, was went to work to make her cake.

Chloe' and her cousin's, Logan and Lacy were here to share her birthday with her.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Worry..,

Don't worry about the future,
For the present is all that thou hast.

The future will soon be the present,
And the present will soon be the past.

Author Unknown

If you can be...,

If you can't be a pine on the top of a hill,
Be a shrub in the valley-but be.

The best little shrub by the side of the hill,
Be a bush if you can't be a tree.

If you can't ba a bush be a bit of the grass,
Some highway some happier make.

If you can't be a musky, then just be a bass,
But be the liveliest bass in the lake!

We can't all be captains, we've got to be crew,
There's something for all of us here.

There's big work to do, and there's lesser to do,
And the task we must do is near.

If you can't be a highway then just be a trail,
If you can't be the sun, be a star.

It isn't by size that you win or you fail,
Be the best wherever you are!

Author Unknown (Found In My Grandmother's Notes)

Sometime I'm Hard To Please..,

Sometimes I'm hard to please,
I want and want and want.
And yet with all my wants supplied,
My mind is not at ease.

I wonder if were made alike,
And all so hard to please.
Or if the pattern were destroyed,
After the Father patterned me.

I do not want abundant wealth,
Or to be awfully poor.
Just what it is I'm wanting,
That, I'm not quite sure.

I tried the pleasures of this world,
And it's honor I did seek.
I found they disappointed,
And left me lone and weak.

One day two homeless strangers,
Came across our way.
They offered life eternal,
And I'm thankful for that day.

Since I accepted Jesus,
And have been set free from sin.
The reason why I want and want,
I let the world creep in.

I long to be more satisfied,
Not what I am in Him.
But because the lowly Jesus,
Has set me free from sin.

I long to be more grateful,
And not want and want and want.
The things that are not good for me.
But be glad for all he sent.

Written by E.B.Dobbs


We're traveling on the sea of life,
In a boat called Fellowship.
One cannot travel first or second class,
For God not respect men.

Some think the journey useless,
And too perilous for them.
But the pilot is quiet patient,
Teaching Souls to trust in Him.

There are but few on this little ship,
And their baggage is quite light.
For in the Canaan, the land we are promised,
Natural posessions will not delight.

Sometimes this ship goes quite smoothly,
For the sea is calm and still.
Each learning of the Pilot's will,
And seeking his place to fill.

But at times the storm beats furiously,
And we feel our mind we must have.
But we need to consider Jesus,
Lest our lives end at the grave.

We have record in the Scripture,
Of another ship like this.
The deciples traveling on the sea,
And Jesus in the midst.

There arose a mighty tempest,
And the waves slapped round the ship.
The disciples feeling their helplessness,
Turned to Jesus and trusted in him.

Jesus rebuked the wind and sea,
And bid the disciples to fear not.
Immediately the storm obeyed His will,
And the sea once more was calm.

The little ship reached the other shore,
And all on board were saved.
Teaching that to trust in Him,
Eternity we will gain.

Notes of my Grandmother's

A Swarm Of Bee's

B hopeful, B happy, B cheerful, B kind, B busy of body, B modest of mind.
B earnest, B truthful, B firm and B fair, of all misbehaviour be sure to B ware.
But think ere you stumble for what may B fall, B true to yourself, and B faithful to all.
B brave and B ware of sins that B set, B sure that one sin will another B get.
B watchful, B ready, B open, B frank, B polite to all, whatever the rank.
B just, and B generous, B honest, B wise, B mindful of time, and B certain it flies
B prudent, B liberal, of order B fond, but what you need B fore buying B yond.
B prompt and B dutiful, still B polite, B obedient, and do that which is right.
B grateful, B cautious of those who B tray, and B loved thou shalt B alway.

Found In My Grandmother's notes.

India Convention

These notes were found in my Grandmother's suitcase.

Psalms 23

The Lord is my Shepherd----------------------Perfect Protection
I shall not want-----------------------------Perfect Satisfaction
He maketh me to lie down---------------------Perfect Rest
He leadeth me besides the still waters-------Perfect Quietness
He restoreth my soul-------------------------Perfect Restoration
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness--Perfect Guidance
Tho I walk thru the valley-----
I will fear no evil--------------------------Perfect Confidence
For Thou art with me-------------------------Perfect Companionship
Thy rod--------------------------------------Perfect Discipline
And Thy staff comfort me---------------------Perfect Consolation
Thou preparest a table
in the presence of my enemies----------------Perfect Triumph
Thou annointest my head with oil-------------Perfect Joy
My cup runneth over--------------------------Perfect Provision
Goodness and Mercy follow me-----------------Perfect Love
And I shall dwell in the house
of the Lord forever--------------------------Perfect Habitation

With Me-------------------------------------The Lord
Beneath Me----------------------------------Green Pastures
Beside Me-----------------------------------Still Waters
Before Me-----------------------------------Table
Around Me-----------------------------------Mine Enemies
Behind Me-----------------------------------Goodness and Mercy
Ahead of Me---------------------------------The House of the Lord

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Driving My Gamaw's Car

I don't understand why you sit in this seat, because when you do you can't see out. Maybe if we put my car seat up here I could.

I know what I can do to see out. If I stand up in the seat I can fix my mirrors and see out to drive.

I need to adjust these side mirrors so I can see what is beside me while I am driving.

Let me adjust this mirror like Gamaw does. I don't know why she does it, because when i'm sitting in the seat I can't see out of it.

Now I think we are ready to go I can see out of my mirrors and see over the steering wheel. Uh-oh, I have one small problem, I can't reach the gas and brake pedals from up here. I guess, I will have to wait and drive, when I get a little bigger.

Before you can drive away you have to put the seatbelt on. Gamaw, where do you want to go? Are you ready to ride?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Growing Up In Commerce

The Center Of Downtown

Old Aerial View Of Commerce

Bulldog Inn on Hwy 441 & I-85

Parham's Motel

Southland Motel & Threat's Restaurant

Claire Anderson's Home

Copy of Painting on side of P.Y. Waters Store

Do you remember any of these places?

Source: S. Alexander

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Someone is in trouble their world's in despair.
It isn't my burden, should I really care?

I hear someone crying, I know they are grieved.
It isn't my sorrow, I pass on relieved.

I see one so burdened with life's heavy cases.
Mine also is heavy, too leaded to share.

I don't know their sorry.
I'd be in the way.
They'd think I was prying, let someone else stay.

I'm no good at comfort, my tongue is so tied.
And wouldn't I look foolish if I also cried?

There's no need to help in today's prosperous age.
They long planned for trouble, on policy's page.

And I am so busy, I hardly get through,
With my own life's burden, and add yours on too?

I'll help them tomorrow, when I'm at my best.
Today I am weary and in need of rest.

Somewhere in my world of selfish excuses, A question
gets through to my heart of abuses.

They're not all alone in their struggles of woe.

By Juanita Waters Shippey

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jim G. (Pop), Chloe & David W.(daddy)


Chloe after meeting singing from hymn book.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two And One-half Going On Five!!

Chloe and her baby doll Zoe.

Little Miss Copy Cat

Saturday, January 9, 2010