Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cousin Time

I have several cousins that live out of State and I enjoy it when they come to visit. They range in age from their thirties to just over one years old.

I love to play with the little one but I have a "Special One" that when he comes he takes me horseback riding on his shoulders, we dance and he showed me how to ride the witches broom. We play hide and go seek and I forget that he is so much older than me.

Here I am sitting in Daron's lap. Don't you think he is so nice looking looking. Everyone says he looks like my Pop.

His mom and dad also came to visit my Grandmother and Poppy and then they asked my grandparents if I could spend the night over at my Pop's house. I was hoping so much for them to say yes and when they did I couldn't wait to get my clothes packed for the overnight stay.
This is Daron's dad and my daddy calls him Uncle Wayne and I do the same. He is my Grandmother's brother, so I could probably call him Grand Wayne since he is my grandmother's brother. He is so cool, and he is the first one to teach me about riding the witches broom. You just take a regular broom and ride it around the house and act like a witch or you could act like a cowgirl if you wanted to.
I go and tell Poppy "Thank You" for letting me go and spend the night at Pop's house, and that I'll be very good and you'll get a great report on how I was.

Maybe we will get to jump on the trampolene and feed the baby calves, or plays with Penny or Skye, Pop's dogs.

PJ's And Playtime

There is nothing more fun that getting to play in your Pj's and paint, color or draw. I love it when my Poppy sits with me and we talk about him growing up and we laugh as we draw and color together.
What's fun is to say let's draw a flower or a princess and see who's picture looks the best. Poppy has had more experience, but I am learning how to do it better every day.
Have you ever tried to draw on cloth, it can be done but the cloth like to wiggle under the pen.
Sometimes when we are drawing in the bedroom and Poppy is sitting next to the computer I have this little game I like to play with him. I don't think that he has figured it out yet though. It's called Distraction. I get up on the computer table and either stand up or sit down where he can't see the keyboard to type on the keyboard or see the full screen. It doesn't take long and he stop being on the computer and plays with me and holds me like a baby and tickles me and this is what I love. I love that one on one time with my Poppy.
He tells me I must not have been tickled enough today as he starts to tickle me and count my ribs. I know he is going to tickle me under my arms as I hold them tightly to my sides so it is harder for him to tickle me.
Poppy I'm glad that your holding me and now I am so tired can you scratch my back so I can go to sleep.

Love Ya,


It's So Cold Outside, That I'd Rather Stay In

It has been so cold here this winter. We have had single digit temperatures for several days and the evergreen plants are starting to turn brown.
Chloe decided that it is to cold to play outside, but since it was warm inside she wanted to eat an ice cream.

I explained to her that she had on her meeting clothes and please don't get any Ice Cream on them, and she was very careful.

When she changed her clothes Chloe and Grandmother made some cookies and after taking them out of the oven Chloe helped to ice them.


And you have probably already figured it out she wanted to sample a few of them.
Then we got out the crayons and we colored for a little while. Chloe has been studying all about fruits in class and this is what she drew as she told me about these fruits.

Then we played Barbies for a little while and Chloe said that Arial was going to read us a story. Arial stood in front of the page while Chloe read.
We then moved on to the garage where Chloe could ride her bike around the truck, carefully avoiding hitting it.

Well I don't know how tired you are but it has been a long and busy day for me and yes I'm tired, but I wouldn't trade this "Special Day" with anyone ever.