Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

She's A Little Bit Country

Chloe has always loved to sit on the counter in the kitchen. It gives her a greater view of what is going on there. She loves to watch Grand Mother cook and add her two cents worth.

Today she is sitting by the watermelon hoping that grandmother will cut it so that she can have some.

We have told her the story of her Great Grandfather and how he sold watermelons in the fifties and sixties.

Here are some of his rhymes that he used when he drove through the subdivisions:

"Red in the middle, green on top, makes your lips go flip-pity flop."

"Watermelon, watermelon, juicy and sweet, jump in the rine and wash your feet."

"Watermelon man coming down the street, selling ice cold watermelon that's hard to beat."