Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tea Time For Two

Chloe' loves to have her tea parties. Sometimes she will line up all of the dolls and have a tea party on the floor, the coffee table the stairs and at the breakfast table with her doll of the hour in her old highchair. (Three year olds are to big for highchairs) She says that she is a big girl and want to sit at the table in a big chair.

She has her doll (Zoe) in the highchair, with a doll for Zoe to play with and a mama (pacifier) for them to share. Her "Tea Party" is tea, bacon and rice crispy treats. A tea party consisting of some of her favorite treats.

She will encourage Zoe to eat and sit up in the chair just like a little mother. It is so cute to watch these tea parties and how well that she takes care of her babies.

If she doesn't have real cookies or chips or any other snack, she will use her cakes that go with her tea set. She has chocolate cake (square), Cheese cake (triangle) and the pink cherry cake (round). She has started lately using the shape of the treat to describe her treats.

When you eat or drink tea you must act like a lady and make sure that you be very precise (notice the raised pinkie) as you eat your treat or drink your tea.

Just remember when you have a tea party, the best thing to do is just to have fun and enjoy it.

The Up and Coming Artist

Chloe' loves to color and draw, so for Christmas we got her an easel to be able to color on. She played with it and drew all sorts of pictures for us. She would say, "Poppy I need for you to clean off the board for me, so I have become the easel cleaner."

As she was drawing on the easel, she said, "Do you want to me to draw you a circle?"
After our shock over her question, she proceeded to draw for us a large circle on her easel. We (Gramaw and Poppy) looked at each other and thought, she really does know what a circle is.

The mind of a three year old is something else. I can't remember what I even knew at three, but I am assured that I didn't know what a circle was ore even how to draw one.

She alson loves to draw on her etch a sketch and she had been drawing for a while and erasing and redrawing. She said, "I'm going to draw a monster."

Above you can see the drawing that she made of "The Monster".