Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Poppy, May Is A Special Month

Chloe, was telling me the other day that May was such a "Special Month," for her. When I asked her why, I got an answer that surprised me.

Usually in May the thing that she looks forward to most is school is out in late May. But this was not what her answer was to my question.

She let me know that it was grandmother's and my Birthday's that she looked forward to most of all. I asked her was it the cakes and ice cream that may be served. And her reply was, "No Poppy, it is your birthdays.

Everybody looks forward all year long for their birthdays and I know that each one is Special to you all because you become another year older.

Well, after I thought about it, I said you are exactly right about that. A birthday is a whole lot better than a dirt nap. Yes, when we look at the number each year, the numbers are going higher and we know our time is less than the year before.

So in the future I will share her outlook and look forward for the next Birthday, knowing I have made memories for her for one more year. I will be glad for each day that I get to spend with her, just like my parents did for me. It is those memories that boost me whenever I think about my age.