Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Monday, November 2, 2015

Little Annie Is Ready To Go Trick A Treating

It was such a big surprise what Chloe was going to be for Halloween. She kept Grand Mother and I in suspense until the day of Halloween of what she was going to dress up as.

Several days ago she had gone shopping with us an purchased a Cleopatra outfit that she wanted to have to play when she comes over to our house.

It didn't take her long to choose the outfit that she wanted and she couldn't wait until she couldn't wait until she got home to try it on.

She looks so precious in her new costume and she really got into the part of Cleopatra.

Well Halloween finally came and then her mother went to work to get her ready to go trick-a-treating.

Her mother dressed as a witch and she was dressed as Annie, complete with the red hair.

They make a precious pair of Trick-A-Treaters don't they, we could hardly recognize here but the smile was still there.

Well neighbors she is all ready to fill her pumpkin with treats to fill her sweet tooth for many days to come.