Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chloe And "Lovey Bear"

Another week has passed and we have arrived at the weekend again. I sit here wondering what surprises this weekend will bring.

Every weekend we get our grand daughter for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I wonder if she looks forward to it as much as I do. I never know what she will want to do and play but I am ready, (I think).

She loves it when I pick her up after school and today I am picking her up a little early so she will like that even better.

After checking in with the office they call her classroom to let the teacher know that I am there. I sit in the lobby waiting for her to come from her classroom. As she spots me she breaks into excitement and can't wait to tell me of her day. She is bringing home a "Special Bear" for the weekend and that she has to turn in on Monday a report of all the things that she and the bear did for the weekend.

So here is "Lovey Bear" her "Special Friend" for the weekend. I think this is pretty special that her class is doing this and on each Monday the kids share in each child's weekend and during the week
as the children see the bear sitting in their class it reminds them of the fun that they shared with "Lovey."

Well as you may have already guessed where our weekend would began, yes, McDonald's. How can you turn down such a great place to eat or have a snack and play on an indoor playground with other kids your age.

She wanted to take a picture with Ronald with her and "Lovey," to remember their weekend together.
When I showed her the picture on the camera she said I needed to take on closer up. So....

Sh was pleased with the new photo, because it was much closer and you could see the "happiness on each face."

She said that she was going to take "Lovey" through the tunnels and then down the slide so she could experience what she liked best about the playground and then she could sit on the table and watch while she played.

She showed "Lovey Bear" how much fun you could have when you sat in the Space Bubble and watched the traffic go don the road and watched the people sitting in the playground area.

After playing for over an hour she decided that she was a little hungry and thirsty. She let me know that she was going to go and order it and bring it back to the table. After giving her the money I follow her and watch to make sure everything goes well. After getting her order and getting it back to the table she wants to choose her own drink and fill it herself.

After getting her soda she is ready to stop and rest and enjoy her snack with her "Special Lovey Bear."

 She loves eating her french fries one at a time plain without Ketchup.
And drinking her soda so that she can go back and get her a refill, maybe not to drink now, but to carry with her.

She sits and explains to "Lovey Bear" that this computer works just like the i-Pad that she uses at school and like the computer that she uses at Poppy's and Grandmothers. When we get home I will show you how you can do the same things there.

Chloe found a new friend today and they played and raced and had so much fun together.
 The climbed up through the ladder cage to get to the tunnels so that they could slide down the slides.
And then they wanted to walk around the outside seats to reach "Ronald McDonald."

After playing for several hours, we decided to head for home and to relax before having to pick up Grandmother at work.

When we got home Chloe wanted to color on the computer and play a few games. She said this would help her relax.

So she started off by doing pictures of food and the she wanted to do pictures of Halloween. This program above you just pick the color that you want and touch the area on the picture you want to color and it is pretty easy.
 The she wants to try doing SegPlay where you choose the Artist, then you choose the picture that you want to paint. It is a color by number and she loves to find the numbers to color the painting.
 Here we have her finished painting and I congratulate her on a job well done. She continues to paint and play games for about and hour and then she wants to take "Lovey" to her room to see her other bears. Once there she decides to play dolls and as usual She wants me to join in with the playing as well. I am glad to be able to join in with her as she plays. She plays until Supper time and then she gets her bath and then she wants her back scratched so she can go to bed.

It's Saturday morning and she is up early to get started on her weekend. We play dolls, color at the table with the crayons and she gets out her word cards to start her class (me and Lovey Bear) are her students and she teaches us how to write our letters and to learn our words that she has learned this week at school. She tells me that when she grows up that she is going to be a real teacher not just a pretend one.

Grandmother brought Chloe a package and wants her to open it before she goes to work. She is so excited to find out what her surprise is.
She is very happy to see the surprise that Grandmother has gotten her.
"Grandmother," "This is just what I have been wanting, so I can ride the horses at Pop's house. I believe you just read my mind."
They sure feel good on my feet and I really love the pink flowers on them. "Thank You," very much.

We then take Grandmother to work and then afterwards we head on over to Pop and Great Grandmother's house. We sing as we drive down the road. "Over the river and through the woods, to Pop's house we go. Our truck knows the way, to get us there today, So that I can jump on the trampoline."

When we get there we see Pop and Great Grandmother and Aunt Emily. I show them "Lovey Bear" and tell them what we have been doing. Great Grandmother wants to know if I still love school, and I tell her that I do. Pop is going to take a nap and Emily is busy getting lunch ready.

Chloe helping Great Grandmother by getting her some cold water.
Pop was getting a much needed nap this afternoon.

Poppy and I head outside to jump on the trampoline. I love this trampoline that sits in the shade of the Pecan Trees where you can watch the dogs laying in the shade and hear the calves mooing and watch the horses as they come up to be petted and fed. What is not to love about Pop's house and all the things you can do there.

Chloe And "Lovey Bear" (cont.)

While Pop is taking his nap, we decide to go out and jump on the tramperine (trampoline). This has always been a hard word for Chloe to pronounce, but she comes close.
It feels so good just to jump softly as you go around the tramperine.
The breeze is blowing through your hair and the air feels cool om as I jump. I think that I will try to do a flip.
Oops!, It turns out to be a flop. I need to practice it more and I will finally be able to do it right.
"Poppy," "Take a picture while I am in the air and it will look like I'm flying." I finally got a shot that you could see here in the air that wasn't blurry.
The dogs, (Sky on left and Penny on right) came around to the back yard to get a little attention from Chloe, but decided to sit in the shade and watch from a distance until she got off of the tramperine.

After jumping she is off at a trot to see the new baby calves and to deed them some hay and then off to feed the horses some bread. She is talking to "Lovey Bear" as she goes, explaining to her, what she is doing as she goes.

While she is showing "Lovey Bear" the calves and how to feed them, I go in search for some bread to feed the horses. When I return to the back forty she is standing by the gate petting the horses and waiting to feed them.

We decide to go into the house to cool off and wash up to eat. Chloe shows "Lovey Bear" how to set the table and after we have eaten she wants to help put the dishes into the dishwasher. After she has finished loading the dishwasher she gets the broom and dust pan to sweep the floor. While she is doing this Aunt Emily starts mopping where she has swept. Then she decides she wants to mop and she is moping in earnest to get up any spots that she finds on the floor. Pop tells her to come over to him and he tells her that he is so proud of her wanting to help around the house and he gives her $2 for helping out. A smile comes quickly to her face and I know in her mind she is already thinking about a trip to the candy store.

It is getting close to the time to go and pick up Grandmother from work so we say our goodbye's and leave to get Grandmother. We are just about at her work when sh calls and said that she had to work over two extra hours. Since we were already there we decided to sit out in the parking lot and watch the sunset.
She spotted the moon in the evening sky as well as the pink clouds. She really enjoyed the pink clouds, since pink is her favorite color.
As the sun started going down the colors of the clouds were so beautiful.
Now the sun is almost set and the colors of the sky are so beautiful. Chloe exclaimed, "God must love the evenings of the day, because the sky is so beautiful with pretty colors."

We still had an hour to go before Grandmother got off so I decided that we would go in the store and see , that since they are remodeling the store they may have some great mark downs. We were going up and down each isle and she would see something and comment on it and we would go a little further and she would see something else.

On the pet isle she shows me the kind of cat food her cats love to eat. And she shows me the kind of toys that cats love to play with.

We turned the corner and to our surprise we were on the candy isle and she didn't even comment about it. She was so excited by the Halloween Decorations that were for sale on the isle. She wanted to know if the blood on the Candelabra was real or was it just paint. I told her it was made to look real but, yes it was paint.

"Hey Poppy," "I bet you have never seen a spider this big before.
This looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost, dressed up for Halloween.
How about this smiling Jack-O-Lantern?
This is so cool! I bet it would really be cool in the dark!
Look at this Skeleton and it plays a tune.

She then noticed the different mask and wanted to try some of them on for "Lovey Bear."
 She liked this Mardi Gras mask, probably because it was pink and purple with sparkles.
 She thought the color on this one was so very cool, but when she saw the picture she didn't like it as much.
 She said this one looked like an old lady painted up as a clown. She loved the Bubba teeth.
She loved the Witch's Hat and the Wonder Woman mask.
I like this on Poppy because it's pink and it doesn't cover all of my face.
And this one make me feel like I'm a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.

After checking everything out to her satisfaction she decided it was time to head toward the Bakery to get a cookie before they closed. I was proud of her for not crying and wanting everything on that isle. She was just satisfied to look and try the mask on and look at the decorations.

She was so happy to see that the free cookie was decorated in Halloween colors. I asked her if she was going to share her cookie with "Lovey Bear," and she said, "Lovey only eats pretend food."

It was time to pick up Grandmother and go home for the evening.

We went to the Sonic Drive In and got us each a corn dog and an ice cream cone and then went home for the evening.

After Chloe had her bath she wanted to read a book and have her back scratched so she could go to sleep.

Well as you can see, we have had a busy weekend so far but we still have Sunday to go.

Chloe And "Lovey Bear" (cont)

We wake up to a beautiful Sunday morning, and we are planning for another wonderful day to complete our weekend. I start getting ready for our Sunday Service and Chloe is still asleep, from her busy Saturday. It is getting close to 9:00 and soon I will have to leave for meeting (Our Sunday Service), when I hear this sweet voice come up behind me and ask. "Poppy, I going to go with you this morning." "Were you going to leave me home with Grandmother." My reply was that you are usually up and already ready to go before I'm finished dressing and today I thought that you wanted to sleep in.

"Oh No Poppy," " I going with you and so is "Lovey Bear." "What can I wear with my new boots."
I got her Black and White Checked Sundress and she wanted to wear her short red sweater over the top. She also wanted me to fix her hair in a pony tail. I got her a to go cup of chocolate milk and we were ready to go. Just before we leave Chloe I want to get your picture in your new boots for Grandmother to see.

After taking this picture I tried several times to get one with her eyes open, but every time they were closed. Her response was that the flash was to bright.

I finally get one with her eyes open but by then I have to much light, but now we can leave for our Sunday meeting.

After the service she wants to jump on the tramperine before we go home to take Grandmother to work. So she takes her boots off and heads for the tramperine.(trampoline)
Chloe has been jumping on this trampoline since she was a little over a year old and ever since she started jumping on it I would always say to her:

Chloe, Chloe
Jumped to high
She jumped so high,
That she touched the sky,
She didn't come back,
Until the 4th of July

And now whenever she jumps she wants me to sing that little song to her.
We also have another son we sing while jumping, and that is:

If your happy and you know it clap your hands,
If your happy and you know it clap your hands,
If your happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it,
If your happy and you know it clap your hands.

If your happy and you know it jump real high,
If your happy and you know it jump real high,
If your happy and you know it, then your legs will surely show it,
If your happy and you know it jump real high.

If your happy and you know it sing this song,
If your happy and you know it sing this song,
If your happy and you know it, then we both will surely show it,
If your happy and you know it sing this song.

Each little song is made for jumping on the trampoline and even if she is not singing it will bring a smile to her face.
This trampoline was used by all of Pop and Great Grandmother's grand children and now as you can see the Great Grand Children are enjoying it to the fullest.
Today she only wanted to jump because she didn't want to mess up her hair or her Sunday dress.

Before we left Pops she wanted to go and see the baby calves again.

We decided to eat out for lunch, so I asked Chloe what she wanted to eat and she immediately said that she wanted fish and shrimp.So we went to the drive-thru at Captain D's and she said she wanted to place the order for our lunch. She said, "I want the fish and shrimp dinner with corn and french fries and water to drink." The lady "Thank You," and please drive to the window. Chloe speaks up and says Poppy she is talking to you because I can't drive. After getting our order she wanted to have a picnic outside so I suggested that we eat in the truck. She ate all of her shrimp and explained to "Lovey Bear" how to hold the shrimp to eat it and not to eat the tails. She ate most of the corn and french fries and some of the fish. She said sometime Poppy, "Lets make a picnic and take a blanket and eat it at the park, I believe that, that would be so fun."

After we got home I was cutting up some pineapple in the kitchen and Chloe climbed up on the counter to watch with "Lovey Bear.".
Watching and talking to the bears and playing with the bird houses.
This is her sitting place on the counter, she as always set here while Grandmother would show her how to make cookies, icing or anything else that she was cooking, and we call it her perch.
I think she is starting to get sleepy and needs to lie down for a little nap with "Lovey Bear."

Later in the afternoon she found the camera and took some pictures of her own.
Her picture of the living room looks good, but since it didn't have a light on it was a little dark.
She took this self portrait of herself while we were playing on the computer.
Another picture that she took of herself, I love the smile.
And a picture of her weekend friend, "Lovey Bear."

While the weekend is drawing to a close, I know that she has had a lot of fun and made some memories that will last a lifetime.

Mommy just called and she is on her way to pick Chloe up. So I need to get everything together for Chloe before she arrives.