Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, December 6, 2015

But, Poppy I Want The Elsa Doll

It is getting close to Christmas and we are thinking of what to get Chloe for Christmas. She likes so many different things, that it makes the decision that munch harder.

We know that her Mimi and her mother will buy her Barbie Dolls, because this is the type of doll they both grew up with.

We have gotten her into baby dolls at out house and she has grown to love them very much.

All little children are swayed by what they see in Movies that they attend or from shows on the TV.

Chloe and her mother have seen the movie Frozen and she loves Elsa best.

One day a few weeks ago we were at the grocery store and she wanted to stroll through the Christmas area in the store. They had toys of every type that would interest boys and girls but it didn't take long for Chloe to spot an Elsa doll. This doll was a stuffed soft doll in a beautiful dress with hair that was braided out of material and her slippers were sewn on her feet and they looked like silk.

Of course she wanted it upon seeing it and I said that maybe she should wait until Christmas, because it was just a few weeks away.

She talked me into letting her carry it while we shopped. As I was shopping I could hear her talking to the doll and they were quickly becoming best of friends. I knew that I had to remind her that we were not buying her tonight, I was just letting her carry it while we were shopping.

She said that she understood the deal and she had know problem with that, but maybe Santa could bring it to her at our house.

Later she came up with another solution.

Poppy, if I make four 100's on my school papers will you buy me this doll. I was surprised that she had thought this through on her own and I agreed with her on her deal.

We checked out of the store with our purchases and as we were heading home she had started thinking that they only had three dolls like this one left and if I waited too long they would be gone.

I explained to her that we had made a promise to each other and that we would stick to that promise.

On Saturday evening when her mother came to pick her up she told her mother of the promise that she had made with me to get the doll.

On Wednesday of the following week I got a call from Chloe. The first thing that she asked me was did I remember our promise. I said that I did, and she said that the next day they were out of school and could she come over to my house. I said I would be glad to have her. When she got there the next morning the first thing that she showed to me was five school papers each with 100 on them. Poppy, I held up my side of the bargain plus one. I said that we needed to go to the store and get her doll.

When we got to the store she searched all over for the doll and there was not one to be found. So I started to move some other toys around and we found four of the dolls to choose from. She looked all of the dolls over choosing one over the other for anything that didn't pass her inspection finally settling on her doll.

When we got to the checkout she had to tell the cashier how she came to earn the doll and she was so proud of the challenge that she had set to get this doll.

She may be only eight but she has the mind of someone much older.