Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Sunday, April 3, 2011

And This Is How You Brush Your Teeth..,

"Miss Bossy"

I was hanging up clothes in the closet, when from the doorway I heard her say, "Poppy, your not hanging up my clothes right."

Whats So Funny!

Can you remember when you were little and you got that sucker for being good? Well this is what Chloe did when she got hers. I didn't know that you could have so many expressions.

"A Special Treat"

Chloe' has wanted to feed the horses at Pop's house some treats for several weeks. We finally got the opportunity Sunday after lunch. Chloe and her Pop got the bread and went up the hill to call the horses and feed them their treats.

This is such a "Special Treat" for Chloe, to spend time with her Pop, and for the horses to enjoy a treat as well.