Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Chloe!!

The "Birthday Girl," all ready for her party.

Yesterday was Chloe's Birthday and she was six years old. She had a lot of fun riding the rides and playing the games.

Her mother had planned it several weeks ago and got the cake and let everyone know when the part would be.

Mommy, Chloe and Daddy

Mommy serving up the cake, Chloe is licking icing while the cousins wait for their piece while Daddy watches the lady bring out the ice cream.
Pop was able to come to the "Birthday Party," he came with Pat and Emily.

Everyone was taking pictures of the "Birthday Girl."  Abbie, Chloe's cousin is on the far left, David (her dad) is holding Chloe and Mimi (her mom's mother) is in the pink top, and her cousin is in the red top behind Mimi.

Going for a ride with Chuck E. Cheese for a few minutes.

Chloe trying to see how many balls that she can shoot into the frogs mouth. Every time the frogs mouth would open so would Chloe's.

Daddy (David) and Chloe playing a few games.

And a few more games.....,

Daddy was showing Chloe how to shoot the basketball.

Abbie and Chloe playing Ball Toss...,

David and Aunt Pat

L. to R. Me (Poppy),  Dan (her other Grand Pa), and several cousins. R. Mike, Mimi, Pat and Pop (Great Grand Pop).

Dan (Grand Pa) and Joyce (Nana).

From the Left: Uncle John, Aunt Emily, Marcie (Mommy), Mike, Mimi ( her moms mother), Aunt Pat and Pop ( Great Grand Pop).

Chloe and her cousins, listening to Chuck E. Cheese sing "Happy Birthday."

A picture of the Cupcake, Cake.

Chloe enjoying licking the icing off of her cake accessories. She could eat all of the icing if you let her. She would rather have that than the cake.

Enjoying her party with her friends.

Chuck E. Cheese sing at the Party!!

Sneaking in a little cuddle time.

It's time to open her presents, some of her cousins gather around to watch, and Mommy is there to supervise.

Wow!! A new bike to ride at Poppy and Grandmothers house. Thanks Pop, Great Grandmother, Aunt Pat, Uncle Camby, Aunt Emily and Uncle John and Poppy  and Grandmother.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

McDonald's Playground Here We Come!!!

I picked up Chloe early from School and the first thing out of her as we got into the car was, "Let's go to McDonalds." So being a good Poppy, you know where we went.

She played for a while on the tunnels and slides and then she came up to me and said, "There weren't many kids to play with." I asked her was she ready to go home and her reply was "no."

She decided to play on the computer that is there for the kids. She loves the games that it has especially the coloring. She could spend hours on end doing it, I know because she has.

She explains how easy it is to do and if you make a mistake you can go back and correct it.

And she plays again...,

A shot of a job well done!!

Now to spend a little time with her friend Ronald, climbing and posing for a picture.

And Again....,

And to climb on his shoulders...

And now to finish our day with French Fries and a Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream.

She has had a fun afternoon, but she is tired and ready to head for home.

Unlimited Fun At Incredible Pizza

On Monday we went to Incredible Pizza with some of Chloe's cousins. This was our first trip but definitely not our last.

We all waited up front until everyone was there, Lexie is waiting patiently with her Grandma Marsha. The music was playing and everyone was in a great mood. There were people clapping to the music and we knew we were going to have a great time.

We used our coupons from the Value-Pak and it was a great deal. We got 20 dollars split on two cards for the smaller rides. They were 25 cents a ride and we got unlimited on the Bumper Cars and the O'Reilly Auto Parts Go-Carts as well as Miniature Golf.

We decided to eat first and play later. They have an all you can eat Buffet, that has a large selection to choose from. There is Pizza, many different kinds to choose from, as well as  Pizza cookies and Ice Cream.
On the bar was meat loaf, corn, green beans and mashed potatoes. There was a Taco Bar as well as a Pasta Bar. You just need to check it out when you get the chance.

Chloe and Logan were learning how to play miniature golf under the black lights. Everything was painted in fluorescent colors and it looked so bright. They had fun until hole number nine kept there ball, but they figured out how to remove the brick on the side and get it out to play another round.

Chloe got the handle on her club and it was a lot easier to hit the ball. One thing for sure, under the lights the ball was easy to find if you hit it to hard.

Hole number one is a man sitting on some bricks that you have to hit the ball thru the base and the hole is on the other side. Hole number two is a motorcycle run and you have to get the ball between the bike tires spokes. Hole number three is a stack of sand bags, Hole number four is an incline that you can hit your ball over if you want to try your skills on. Hole number five has a dinosaur that is in the middle of the course. Hole number six has a small pick-up truck that you can hit the ball in the bed of the truck and it comes out of the wheel close to the hole. Hole number seven has a dinosaur that is in the middle of the course.and you hit the ball thru it's mouth and the body and it comes around by it tail to the hole. Hole number eight has a small bridge in it and you hit the ball under the bridge and hole number nine is an incline with the hole in the middle to catch your ball.

Lacy giving it all that she has driving car number 3 the (Goodwrench) coming around the turn with Logan in the green car right on her bumper.

Logan driving the green (M&M) car coming in for a pit stop. With Page and Chloe in car number 20 just to his right.

Paige and Chloe in car number 97 (The Sharpie) coming up on Logan's right side to get in the lead.

Paige and Chloe going by again and Paige gives us a thumbs up as they pass the bleachers.

Chloe and Paige have made it around again, they are going so fast that Chloe looks like she is dizzy.

Logan in car number 18 just passed them on their right side...

With this round of rides over they make their way from the track back to the family waiting in the bleachers.

Chloe riding in her Pink Bumper Car, trying to get the hang of the gears. Push forward to go forward and pull back to reverse or pus on and pull the other to go in a circle.  Oh the smiles seem to widen as she got the hang of the gears and could aim her car at one of her cousins car and bump it, the smile spread all across her face.

Chloe going full speed ahead....

Chloe is in the Pink car and Lacy is in the Green car and Chloe negotiates around Lacy's car to miss getting hit. Way to go Chloe!!!!

When the ride stopped they exchanged cars and Lacy got in the Pink car and Chloe got in the Green car and away they went again.

Paige in the Light Blue car and Logan in the Red car trying to bump into one another, but Paige got away.

Paige, Logan, Lacy and Chloe all trying to bump into each other.

Chloe got off of the Bumper Car ride and was happy to see that Uncle John had come over for a late lunch and to watch the kids having fun.

They have an area for smaller kid to ride rides in and I think that Chloe tried them all out. Here she is riding the airplane.

While we were in the Movie Room (Theatre) I held Lilly and she is such a cutie and loves to be held.

Marsha and Shelby sitting down taking a breather...

We decided to try out the Movie Room, they had Panda Kung Foo playing and the kids had started to get thirsty and hungry again.

Debby sure enjoyed the Salad Bar, it sure has a nice selection to choose from.

There are several Dining Rooms to choose from. There is a Fifties/Sixties Room and it shows movies from the same era. The is a Gym Dining Room that has ESPN  Sports playing all the time. There is a Family Dining Room with a nice Dining room. And don't forget that there is the Movie Room as well.

Chloe has a Birthday this month and the Birthday Guest gets to spin the wheel and they get the prze that it lands on. She won a free ride on the Golf-Carts when she comes again.

Before we left, Chloe had her picture take by the 1957 Chevrolet and the balloons for the Birthday girl.

We decided it was time to leave after Marcie came by to pick up Chloe. We sure had a lot of fun and Chloe is already asking when she will be going again.