Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Well it's that time of year again..,

We celebrate this year forty-three years of marriage. Where have all of the years gone.

Back in 1972 I married the love of my life and we have stayed together for forty-three years.

As I look back on the years some have been hard and others have been easy but every year has been worth it. Not only have I gotten to spend them with my best friend but we had our son David to enjoy raising along the way and to watch him grow into a man and a father.

And to have a grand child that is the greatest thing that any parent could have. Now we know why grandparents are so special. The get to enjoy their children all over again through the eyes of their grand child.

I just hope that I can be healthy for the coming years to enjoy them with our little family and see what the years ahead will be for us.

I love you Honey with all of my heart

Love Always and Forever

Teddy Bear

Happy Birthday

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone and I must have been asleep and forgot to post it on her birth date.

Last month our little precious granddaughter turned eight. Where has all of the time gone, it just seems like yesterday she was just a baby.

Yes, It has been fun watching her grow up and the many memories we have created together. I know what she likes to eat, play, read, wear and what makes her smile.

Whenever her daddy walks into the room I become extinct and he is the light in her eyes and he makes the smile on her face.

Her mother had her birthday party at Incredible Pizza again this year and she was all excited as if it was the first time to ever go there. She loves to ride all of the rides with her friends and especially with her daddy.

Her dad arrived a little after most had already gotten there and she had questioned how he would know which room we were having her party in. I put her at ease, explaining that he would know where to come and find her. Chloe's,  Aunt Emily called for her to come outside of the door for something and when she came back in she was in her daddy's arms.

We all set down to enjoy the party that was planned for Chloe with her friends and family. What more could a little girl want on her "Special Day," but pizza, birthday presents, friends and family and all of the fun rides and games to play.

She could hardly eat because she was so excited when she saw the table behind her covered in presents. She was ready to open them and she what she had received.

Chloe and her daddy look like twins with a few years difference in ages. The are so much alike it is incredible to watch.

Chloe other Papaw and Grand maw and cousin arrive from Mississippi and the party can began. Mommy puts the candles on the cake so it will be ready after everyone has eaten.

Papaw and Grand maw are sitting by watching after the presents as they enjoy their pizza.

Grandmother is sitting across the table from Chloe and David (daddy). She looks like she is going to enjoy her salad before she eats her pizza.

It time to light the candles on the cake and blow them out and make a "Birthday Wish." This year she wanted a cake for a Princess, with a crown, wand and rings. It had to be a white cake with white icing and pink trim. I think that the bakery got it exactly right for the Birthday Girl.

Well I blew out the candles in one blow so my wish will surely come true, at least I hope it will. So, now Mommy can cut the cake and I can sink my teeth into some of that icing.

Chloe, you can't play with the crown, wand and rings until we rinse them off. Mommy all I want to do is eat all of the icing off of them before you go and wash them. Everyone in my family knows how much I love icing from any cake. Chloe you sure have a lot of bling on your fingers from those Princess rings.

Chloe showing Lillie her Princess rings.

She finally found some time to eat a piece of cake, I don't think that she ate any pizza because she was so excited.

Whispering in her daddies ear letting him in on her secret wish when she blew out the candles.

Poppy!!, Take a picture of me and my daddy so everyone can see how happy I was on my Birthday. This has been one happy day so far and we haven't even opened the presents. Just like you always say Poppy, "the presents are like the icing on the cake."

Chloe wanted to open Daddy's present to her first. She said that daddy always knows how to get presents that I like, it just like he read my mind. (after all they are twins, just a few years apart).
Daddy got her a Barbie play set and not one but two Barbie dolls and a few other thinks. Daddy I can't wait to play with my new girls and their make-up room. Thank-you daddy and as always you picked out just what I wanted.

Another Barbie doll, You are going to have to get another Barbie house for all of these Barbie dolls. Her Mimi and her Mommy and now Chloe is into Barbie dolls. She has quite the setup, being the third generation of Barbie dolls. She has plenty of clothes and furniture, cars and limos and all of the accessories. What more could a little girl want? Just a few more Barbie things.

She has been so excited to learn to read this year that she wanted to read each card that was given to her and Lillie was there to help her on words that she didn't know. Whenever she found money in a card she got real excited and then told mommy to add it to her bank for later.

She finally got down to opening her last gift and she got another doll, like the dolls that she plays with at our house. She said well, whenever I get tired of playing Barbies which is rare I can play with my larger Princess doll. "Thank You" everyone for coming to my "Birthday Party" and helping me have a "Special Day." I have received much love and gifts today. Thanks for the dolls, books, games, money, arts and crafts, clothes.

It has been an awesome party with my friends and two sets of grandparents. My cousin Abby got to come Aunt Emily and Uncle John, Lillie and her mother, Mr. Mike our neighbor, Mimi, Mommy and Daddy. What a special day!! Well daddy are you ready to go and check out the rides and games?