Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Going To McDonald's With My Dad

Almost every weekend I go to McDonald's with my Poppy. This is our regular routine every weekend unless there is company here from out of town. Sometimes my dad comes by and I go home with him and this makes a wonderful weekend. It's not that I don't want to be with my Poppy, because he understands, I want to spend some "Special Time," with my dad.

This past weekend my dad was there as well as his girlfriend, Tina. I like Tina very much. She is so cool and makes me feel like such a young little Princess.

Dad, got on the playground with me and it reminded me again of when I was just three years old and got on the playground for the first time and I got scared because of the web tunnel. I thought that I was going to fall through the web mesh. I just set in the middle and let out a cry and Poppy had a girl come to my rescue.

The next time I was there, my dad went through the playground with me and never again did I fear any part of the playground and the most fun was going down the slides.

After we ate and played a while I left with dad and Tina for the weekend. I know that my Poppy missed me, but I knew that he would understand.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Chloe Visit's Grand-Mothers Work

Looking Toward the Deli, while sitting at the tables.

Here are some more pictures from my old phone, of Chloe visiting Grandmother's work when she was just three years old.

 She is excited about getting her free cookie.

The have since remodeled the store and everything is much different than in these pictures.

 See, I told you I ate it all gone.

She has always loved to go for a visit, so she could get a free cookie from the Bakery and see her Grandmother.

Look there is grandmother busy working.

My First Pony Ride

Getting ready for her first ride.

Here are more pictures taken off of my old cell phone.

When Chloe was only four years old she decided that she wanted to ride one of Pop's ponies. She had always loved to feed them and be around them but never wanted to ride one.

 Grand-Mother leading Chloe on April.

So with her grand-mother and her Great-Grandfather (Pop) they saddled up a pony and let her take a ride. They led the pony for her and she really enjoyed the ride.

 Grand-Mother, I've got this

Pop, led her around the yard many times and she thoroughly enjoyed the ride, until the horse hair got to her nose and she started sneezing.

 This is so much fun, I don't know why I was scared.

After this ride, she has enjoyed many more rides on the ponies as well as the bigger horses.

A Four Year Old Showing An Eighty-Four Year Old How To Operate His Cell Phone

Chloe showing Pop how to use his cell phone.

When Chloe was four years old we were at her Great-Grandfather's home and he had just gotten his first cell phone.

He was unsure how to operate it and he asked would someone show him how to use it to find his phone numbers and how to turn it on and off.

She is very focused on showing Pop.

Chloe, his four year old grand-daughter spoke up and said I can show you how. He laughed, but thought that he would just entertain her and let her try to show him. To his and our surprise she proceeded to show him how to turn it on and off. How to add names to his address book and event to find out he had a camera on his phone.

And this is how you add numbers to your address book.

She showed him how to operate the camera and to later look up the picture that he had taken.

And this is me and Pop taking our picture together.

It just reminded us how smart the children are in this electronic generation.

Pictures From My Old Phone While In Hospital

In Induced Coma For Five Days

I just got me a new cell phone after using the same one for over nine years. It was a Samsung phone and a good phone for me. I had stored many memories into the phone but because it was so old they didn't have updates for it and I could not email my photos to my computer anymore so now I am connected with a Smarter Smart phone.

 In Coma Hooked Up To The Machines

In 2013 I was admitted to the hospital with Pneumonia after being told by X-rays that I had taken three days prior that my lungs were clear and I probably just had a common cold.

I knew that it was much worse than this, but I had told my regular doctor this and he sent me to the nearest hospital for x-rays and they told me that my lungs were clear.

 My Wife Stayed With Me In ICU

After leaving the hospital after e-rays, instead of getting better, each day I was feeling worse. I took my wife to work and as I was driving home I couldn't get enough air into my lungs. So I pulled over and called my father-in-law and told him what was happening and that I was going to try and drive home.

A drive that usually lasted fifteen minutes, I made it home an hour later. After pulling into the garage, I felt so weak and thought that I might pass out. I laid the seat back and called 911 and said that I needed help.

My Faithful Wife And Best Friend For Life

When they arrived, they got me out of the car and took me to the hospital. In the ambulance they kept me talking until we got to the hospital. As they took me out of the ambulance, I saw my father-in-law walking toward the ambulance. I was so relieved to see him and knew that he would be there for me.

Flowers Outside My Window At Hospital

Upon entering the hospital, we had to wait on a doctor and when they came up to the stretcher that is the last thing I remember for five days.

After taking x-rays again they found out that I did have Pneumonia and when they pulled up the previous x-rays, on the bottom of the x-rays was the Pneumonia that they had missed four days earlier.

 After The Breathing Tubes Were Removed

They induced me into a coma for five days to help me to become better. Afterwards they told us that I was very lucky, because most people in my condition don't make it through.

The doctor said that before I was put into the induced into the coma he had asked me was I willing to be put into a coma and he said, "I said yes, and God and you will see me through.

Well it has been three years since this happened but I finally got the pictures from my old camera and can now post them.