Fall In Tennessee

Fall In Tennessee

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ducks and More Baby Ducks

Every Spring we get to view the baby ducks as soon as they are born. This year she built her nest under some shrubs in our backyard. In years past she has built her nest in our flower pots on the deck. This made it fun to watch as she set on her eggs, but she didn't like for you to come on the deck while she was sitting on her eggs.
But for the last few weeks we have only had the male ducks come up when Chloe would feed them bread.
So today when we went out to feed the ducks we got a "surprise"!!
Here was momma duck with her twelve little ducklings.
Now that they have eaten she is ready to head to the lake for their first swim.
Chloe watching them as they go under the fence to get in the water. We waited to see them get in the water but for some reason she went back to her nest, so we will get a picture of them on the water later on.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miss Super Cool

Chloe wanted to play outside, and it was a little cool even though is was a sunny day. She still loves to swing even though she has just about outgrown it. She loves to get old bread from Pop and feed her duck friends, but gets upset when the Canada geese come to eat as well and run off her duck friends.

Once the geese come into the yard she wants to gather up her bread crumbs and save it for the ducks.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Cousins

Debby 17, Pat 15, Pam 15, Carl 12, Wayne 12, John 12, Chuck 11, Emily 10, Chip 10, Wade 10, Tami 9, Tonnie 8, Cheryl 8, Verna 7, Richard 7, Kenny 5, Benjie 4, Sonya 1, Lisa 1.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Just About Ready For My Nap!

Before you take a nap, you have to get everything that you might need once you get into the bed. Looking at her night side table I think that she is ready.

Finally she ran out of steam and is getting ready to settle down for her nap.

Our Little "Shrek"

Chloe loves to dress up in costumes that she makes up for herself. Here is one of Shrek with a cape. He like to have his dinosaur and favorite rabbit.

Shrek is ready for battle, you never know where Shrek (Chloe) will show up next.

When lunch was ready she didn't want to get completely out of her costume as she ate her lunch.